The Three

D. wants to be a vet, she’s always wanted to be a vet, and she knows full well just how hard that will be to achieve, and how long it will take. Even she is talking about Tuition fees for university students.
As parents currently on what could be described as a ‘low income’, it’s still unclear as to precisely how this will affect us, and her, but isn’t it about time that the whole business of degrees was looked at, instead of forcing more and more people through higher education ?

Could it not be the case that some people, who haven’t a hope in hell of ever gaining anything other than a most basic degree, just go to university so that they don’t have to face the Big Bad World and have to find a real job ? These need removing.
Could it be the case that some of these degrees are complete junk in and of themselves, they do not qualify the recipient for any job in particular, and they were made up by the universities themselves when there was the student boom so that they could grab more govt money ? These need removing.
Why is the dropout rate not looked at ? Why is it that currently, you can enter university, fart around and just scrape by for a couple of years, then leave, having wasted large sums of public money but there is no way you are made to pay back even a fraction of the money ? You should pay the money back.

Degrees have become cheap, almost worthless things. It’s almost the case that the minority are the ones without one, but it should be that the minority are that well qualified. Having a degree SHOULD carry some sort of ‘eliteness’, a badge that shows you are clever and hardworking and very educated. They don’t right now do they ? They mean crap all to me..

I hear on the news that ‘X’ amount of graduates are unemployed – now why exactly is that ?
Is it because we are creating too many graduates for the number of graduate jobs available ? If that is the case, surely the laws of Supply and Demand come into play, and the supply should be cut.
Or is it because these graduates feel that any job which pays less than say, £20K, is not worth them looking at ? If that is the case, then these graduates need a good slapping. What exactly is it they have ? Knowledge ? Maybe .. Skills ? Doubtful. So why should a company pay someone who may know lots, but can actually do jackshit ? They have no track record of attendance, no sickness record, no ability to show that they can get up day after day regardless of the night before, or the night to come, no record of how well they do or do not get on with people, no management or people skills they can demonstrate, in fact, when it comes down to it, all they do have is a scrap of paper with a number on.
If I read a Haynes manual, then the Highway Code, would you trust me to chaffeur you and your family around ? No ? Would it be because I have no experience ? And a graduate has got what experience exactly ? especially on these ‘made up’ degrees.

I did 3 years Nurse Training. I have over 18 years of actual hands-on experience, but the Open University class all that as worth just a few measly points. Yet a degree – even if it is in “The influence of Hedgehogs on Greek Philosophy” carries a whacking 360 points. WTF is that all about ??

Fees would be less of a discussion if:
1 – Lose the stupid degrees.
2 – Make dropouts pay the money back.
3 – Make it a damn sight harder to actually get in.

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  1. Correct…some of the thickest people I know have degrees. In fact, the majority of the so called “engineers” where I work know approx. 10% of the stuff I do about the job I do, mainly because, as you say, theyve got a bit of paper that says they went to university, and Ive got 10 years experience in actually doing the job.

  2. ouch…. as an unemployed graduate, i think that’s a bit harsh… some of us worked hard to get a degree, will be paying for it for many years, and would be happy with any old job that pays enough to live on….

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