As WP works so transparently, and the files that can be modified inter-relate so easily, and as yesterday I was playing with the CSS a lot (and it’s so easy to play with I was almost getting slapdash about it) I’ve installed WP again in a different directory – my testblog.

I’ll be using it to play with the CSS initially, then move stylesheets here and incorprate the style-switch menu, and then I can play with the hacks somewhere where it does not matter at all, see if I like, and then bring them here.
Just need to create a few ‘dummy’ entries so it looks slightly more real, and then I’ll go for it.

In SSX3 news:
Platinum now in Peak 1 Jam and in Metrocity (Rail it hard, and hit the teleport on the left side of the ‘halfpipe’ which is 2 turns before crossing the rail line).
All rewards bought, just need the last hidden character on 100% completion.
I can’t find the time for Peak 1 race Platinum anywhere. I can hit 2:47 consistently, so I reckon it’s either 2:45 or 2:40 … where the hell do I drag that many seconds from ? (And I’m on boost about 90% of the time too).

In other news:
There is some wonderful flash stuff at Some is Open Source. It’s clever stuff, not the stupid sort I usually link to 🙂
I need reminding as well to put ‘The Egg of Doom‘ together on it’s own page (nooo, not Paint Shop Pro again….save me…..), and to start another forum to continue with the epic. There are forums here still – click the square at the bottom of the green column.

And now, as it’s 01:37, I really should go to bed. Just for the record though, the “I’m a celebrity..” program (cheap and nasty programming eh ?) is utter utter junk. It’s been on here for a while now (just in a ‘moving wallpaper’ sense) and it is Class Z Garbage. Really.

Oh yes, one other thing. The 2 restricted areas I have. I’ve not locked anyone out, so if you did have access, and you don’t now, let me know ? It’s my fault for not correctly shifting the files, and for not keeping records of who and what. And if you didn’t, don’t ask.