Paint Shop Complete Beginner

That’s what I need.
I’ve been playing for a while with alternate layouts so that I can plonk an option on the right for you to switch style sheets. It could even be cookie supported (/me waits for objections on that) for return visits. Anyway, the CSS is no problem at all. I can shift the header around, have 3 columns, two cols left / right, jiggle the borders and all the other stuff that is easily done with html too, but when it comes to colours, I’m stuffed.

There are some neat colour harmonizer tools around the net, and what they suggest for some colours I’ve used seem okay, but then I’m left with solid colours, and I’d like to move away from that. So I fire up Paint Shop, grab a photo that I’ve got, and wildly start trying to get it to turn into what I want. No. Doesn’t work. All I get is frustrated at both my complete inability to produce anything vaguely ‘artistic’, and by a help system that assumes a certain level of knowledge – knowledge which I have not got. Bugger.

So I’m thinking again. Some coke, 4 cakes (2 mini-battenburg, 2 butterfly) and much musing later, I’m no further forward.

Colours. Much was (is ?) made of the ability of a computer screen to show millions of colours. New computer games will boast the ability to portray realistic graphics, yet HTML can only show 255 safely ? Isn’t it about time that this moved on just a bit ? (no pun intended). Not so that I can show zillions of colours here (tried that on iam, it wasn’t appreciated 🙂 ) but so that I can go from one shade to another more gently. If I wanted to move in greys and white, I’d have to go from #000000 to #cccccc to #999999. Why can’t I have whitethatsnotquitewhitebecausetheresabitofgreyinitbutnotsomuchthatitturnsthewhiteintogrey (isn’t it hard to type like that and not hit the space bar ?).
Sublety, that’s what html lacks, subtlety.

I of course, do not. But you knew that, didn’t you.