So… I’ve just formatted one huge Security log from my firewall, and will be sending it to Zen. I got several alerts last week, so I called them, and queried whether it was their machine pinging me in some way – my machine is set to ignore all ICP / IGMP type things. After some discussion, and me poking around further, it turns out that all these ‘attacks’ are from virus infected Zen customers. So they asked that I send logs if I had more than a couple. Last night I had nearly 2 dozen. So off it will go.

The net – last night it was very odd. Multple disconnects, sites not loading. Seems that either BT were doing lots of work (it’s usually their fault – bastards) or there was something odder going on. I know my machine is completely clean….

CD’s to post this morning, something for D. to get, and I need to write elsewhere today I think.

The touchup on my left arm looks to be done with most of it’s peeling. Now it just needs to lose the shininess and then I can see how well this last lot of ink took. Tricky stuff this blue ink.

Coloured Smoke

Today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

The Sexiest 100, and not a single bloke in there !

And CSS .. I’ve a design in mind, just got to get my head around it.