Car owners who are registered disabled do not pay Road Tax. That little disc is free. I’m not entirely sure why this is the case, but I’d guess that there are 2 main reasons;
1 – that having transport becomes an essential for life, not a luxury*
2 – that being that disabled usually means that your financial situation is worse.

From the news, it would seem that the abolishing of Road Tax, and the impostion of this cost onto fuel prices is back on the agenda. Now I can fully see why this is being discussed, and broadly I’d support it, but what about the disabled driver ?
At present, it’s one form to fill in every 12 months to obtain the disc. It’s cheap and easy to adminster this scheme. But if this tax goes, and petrol prices rsie, what happens to the disabled driver ?
Their costs go up. There is no saving in this whatsoever. At all. I can’t yet think of any way that this cost can be offset so there is no financial penalty. Adding money to motability would not work (not everyone uses that), adding money to a disability benefit would not work (not all disabled people drive), having some sort of tax break would not help as not all disabled people get enough money to pay tax (which should tell you something about the amount of money they do get), so what is there ?
It may well be that the govt decide that although the disabled are a loud bunch, they can be ignored on this. It may well be that someone somewhere will come up with a scheme. I await with more than just a bit of interest.

*Yes, they are a luxury, and no, you cannot change my mind on this, no matter how much you moan / whinge / criticise. I am right, you are wrong. I’ll ignore all comments saying otherwise, so don’t waste your time.