Caramel Shortcake

It would seem that I have worn out a PS2 pad. Went to play SSX3, and the controls were very dodgy. Switched pads, and no problems at all. I’ll dismantle it and clean it up at some point.That should do the trick – always did with Megadrive and N64 pads.

My other domain is now gone. As in gone , gone, gone. I still own the name for a couple more months, but the domain is a 404. If you didn’t see the message I left there, email me for the new location of what was there.

Music. I have searched in all my usual locations, and that’s a lot as some of you know, but I cannot find any keyboard music. Anyone know where I can get some ? I’d rather not have music notation, rather the notes themselves. It’s for D. to use on her electronic keyboard. I’ve a feeling I have overlooked the simpler places…