I wish I could draw.
This is the base css template that comes with the WP package, and while it’s okay, I want to alter it.
Having had a 3 column layout here for a long time, it’s a nice change to get back to two columns, and the CSS per se is easy to modify. But up top – up there where it’s a very dark grey/black – I want an image, not just a tiled gif. Modifying the template to display an image (a large image that integrates into the page design) is easy enough, but it’s the image bit thats causing me problems.
I could pinch images by using Google or whatever, but then all that becomes is a collection of images that I have superimposed to get close to what I want. If I didn’t have the artistic ability of a decapitated rat, I’d do one myself. But I do. So I can’t. Bollocks.