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I know you look at this stuff, so does everyone else.
The Ultimate Adult Blog List
“Hello World”
No matter what you do, ignore this site.
It hijacks your browser, and the EULA is some 5000 words long. It is rapidly gaining a rep as a very nasty site. In fact, I’ll not link it, but keep well away from FunWebProducts. I’ve not used it – what do you think I am ?? – but I’ve seen at least 5 different warnings about it in just a few minutes of hopping around. Consider this a ‘Public Service Announcement’ 🙂

In other news, Platinum in Crow’s Nest, Snow Jam, Junction.
I’d left the clingfilm on my new ink too, so that comes off this morning, and I need to ring Zen. I may even ask about a 1Mps line …….

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