A couple of weeks ago, I went on about a certain cinema chain not showing Bollywood films in Nottingham. The story is here and now they’ve gone and got themselves a Human Rights Lawyer on their side.
What the fuck is going on ?
They say that there are 30,000-40,000 Asian people in Nottingham, so therefore they should show the films. Well pardon me, but if they were all bloody going then the decision to remove the films would not have been made would it eh ??? Businesses close all the time despite the fact that their target audience / consumer surrounds them in swathes, so why the fuck should a film be shown just because you are a different skin colour and have different cultural beliefs ?
I couldn’t care what colour / race / creed or anything about you, I really couldn’t, but if you start popping your head up and claiming that you have a RIGHT to something, then either prove it beyond all frigging doubt, or fuck off back to where you came from.
Hey, I’ve an idea – why don’t I start a boycott of my local asian corner shop because they don’t sell tofu – and I’ve a RIGHT to buy the stuff. I don’t care how much it costs to buy in, and what quantities they must get as a minimum, I want my tofu, and for me to be able to buy it IF I want, but I will not guarantee that I will buy it – oh no, that’s my choice.
That sounds fucking stupid doesn’t it ?
Bit like what they want above isn’t it ?