RAB is a busy place right now, and for the first time in quite a while, there is a glut of flaming going on.
Having read that ng for a long time now, I know the regulars, some of the attitudes, some of the humour and I also know the ‘wannabes’. This latest round of flaming – which the OP’s are fanning to be honest – again sees the hardcore regulars doing their usual stuff, but then, way into the thread, the wannabes join in. They say nothing new, they rehash what has been said before, and you can just see them trying so hard to get in with the in-crowd.
These pathetic shallow people, people who themselves have been called stupid, seem to think that by echoing what has been said, by agreeing with the regulars, by being on their side, will somehow ingratiate them with, as they see it, the ‘higher-ups’. Are they really so stupid as to think that their actions will be taken in anything other than utter contempt ? If you were to look for a real-life parallel for this type of behaviour, surely it would only be found in a playground ? Stupid too how in one newsgroup, someone will act like the bully and kick sand in the faces of many, yet in another, they lie there almost pleading to be buried…….
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2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Have been reading RAB for quite a while again too and it really is a weird environment. Tend to filter out a lot of the flaming…don’t have time or inclination to read it but isn’t it strange how almost *everyone* that gets hit on reacts in the same agressive and abusive way that they claim they were treated in the first place. Have to admit I was guilty of this too when I first tried RAB many moons ago….not a place for the faint-hearted :o)

  2. I stopped reading it shortly after the creation of UPB. It was going downhill then anyway, and I was getting bored of it, mainly of the overly american slant on everything posted there. I still have a look every now and then, but to be honest, I think its just been shit for a long time, and isnt really much use (in a bodyart sense) to anyone anymore.

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