At the moment, I’ve got all my photographs and images in one folder, which is about 500meg. If I add in the CD’s with various bits on, it exceeds 700meg (and that doesn’t count numerous photo-CD’s either). I know pretty much where everything is, and it’s almost in some sort order. But I’ve been looking at these Picture organiser / photo albums software things.
Are they any good ?
I know it’s a pile of work to get everything in, sorted, dated, details etc, but then if I left it, the job just gets bigger and bigger. I’ve got one somewhere on the HD (the Jasc version), but I’m not entirely sure about it. What’s the difference between using software like that or just dropping a notepad file into each folder with some infomation on ? There’s probably very little I guess, and it’s a question of organisation and how badly I want it done (hmmmmm).

Anyone used one ? Got any thoughts at all ?
Update: Just catalogued the big folder. 2097 images ! WipEout !!

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  1. not much help really as my experience is limited to Gallery and you know more of that than me :o)

    really wanted to know how you get the little picture beside your url in the address bar. been looking on the web for info on favicons and tried that but i have a feeling that what everyone is using now is slightly different

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