We get what we ask for …

So last April Robert Kilroy-Silk wrote a piece for a newspaper.
It was published, read by many thousands of people, and not a murmur was heard. Nothing.
A couple of weeks ago, it was accidentally published again, and again was read by thousands of people, but this time a whole furore built up around it, and in the end, the guy has resigned from his job. (Okay, he owns the company and it’s not going to affect him financially at all, but that’s not the point of this).

Basically, what he said then was deemed acceptable, but when it is not said again, but it is merely repeated, it is deemed wholly unacceptable.
Why ?
Is it because he would not fall on bended knee to the Arab Council of Great Britain (or whatever) and pray for their forgiveness ?
But they did complain last year ? Did they cite all their letters of protest that they had written in April and May 2003 ? No.

It doesn’t matter what he said, all that matters is that those words were nearly 12 months old, yet they have impacted him today.

Repeatedly I read and hear people complaining about the lack of conviction from those in power when they are asked to express their views. We talk about ‘weasel words’, ‘lying politicians’ and the like. But if we will drag what someone has said from the past, the past being at that point quite different from the now, and throw it into their faces and demand some sort of penance, then why on earth should they make any sort of definitive statement ? It’ll only return to haunt them.

On a slightly different note, it does seem hypocritical that people from other countries land in this country, insist and then demand using the force of law that we, the indigenous people (relatively speaking), take on board all their views and act in a culturally inclusive manner, yet when one of their own is born and raised in this country – typically a female – they insist that she act in a culturally exclusive manner and must not have any western values whatsoever. Odd that they want all the ‘human rights’ they can grab when it suits them, yet they ignore the human rights of their own when it suits. Hypocrisy stinks.