So then ..

Here it is, my first post to a blogging tool.

Why use WordPress ?
Not just that it’s incredibly easy to install (all through the browser), but the interface, the CSS and the whole shebang when put together are pretty damn close to what I wanted. I did not want the tool to get ‘in my way’, and so far this does not.

It’s very new (what you are seeing is v1.0.1), but already image uploading, blogging by email, moblogging, bookmarklets, smilies and other stuff is available. It’s written in PHP and mySQL, so there is no annoying ‘Rebuild’ feature and for all you other blog users, tools exist for you to import all your stuff to a WP install.

I’m keeping the old index page up for the moment, but so far this program is the dog’s nuts.

Also changed is the forum. I found phpBB quite slow to use, so I’ve installed miniBB there as well. I’m not planning on importing anything from the old one, except for the “Egg of Doom” – which I shall create a page for, and format it properly. (That’s at a bit of a ‘cliff-hanger’ (well, a portal-hanger) right now……)

So, there you go.
I’m waiting for some sort of ‘told you so’ comments now.

Oh, and the archive link will disappear, and yes, it’s all still highly disposable.

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