Fantastic Sounds

The first part of this Ibiza Prom is excellent.

This though is even better:
Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond selects a beautiful Chill Mix for the Radio 1 Dance Weekend and it’s been on repeat here.

One question though, which also applies to the Carl Cox stuff on R1:
At times they press buttons / hold buttons and there is an obvious change in beat, tempo, sound etc
And at other times they press / hold buttons and there is no change

So what’s with the button pressing?

The Silence

I should have counted the days where I spoke to no-one

If I had told my psychiatrist last November that I would withdraw from interactions in the way I have – like so many many others – she would have strongly advised I did not

Like all those others with diagnosed mental health disorders I have had no contact from them


Invidious is closing so this is your typical privacy invading Google link.

Fuck Google.

The Doxie Q scanner

A project for this year is to scan all the photo negatives I have and to upload the digitised images to Smugmug after sharing them with my girls. First though I wanted to address the physical photos I have.

These date back to before we were married and cover many holidays, school sports days (in those times when you could take a camera) and lots of just family photos.

I saw a mention of the Doxie Q scanner on Daring Fireball. It looked to be just the job so I gave Amazon money and they sent it.

My eldest took the photo albums from the bookcase and the scanner. Her partner scanned them all in. 858 photos. When she brought everything back I mentioned the negatives, looked in the garage and found more photo albums. So I scanned and uploaded them.

Myself and the girls now have over 1200 images which now include more holidays, school photos. All digitised, all secure on Sumgmug and they have download links to save them locally.

It’s more than good to look back and see the Jacqui I wish was still here – she could walk, swim, play … and it’s good that the girls have that too. I found a lovely pic of her in the pile too.

I’ll never post any pics here. The privacy of my two daughters is not mine to violate. Their names are not on this site so there is no way I’ll post their pics, esp of when they were younger. And Jacqui’s pic is for me to see.

Anyway – the Doxie Q. Highly recommended. Very easy to use, good results. As they used to say “It does exactly what it says on the tin”.

Just bad

Not a nightmare but it involved an argument with J. And the day has been bad since. Everything reminds me of her. Constant tears. No-one to talk to, No-one to text or call that would care.

Why not?


I’m not on facebook so I do not exist.

Automattic Marketing Lies

I used to complain about this when I worked there, but it must work as it continues.

“There are lies, damned lies and marketing speak”

Couple of days ago they sent out an email about a ‘flash sale’. Part of the copy was:

Attract more viewers, make more sales, share more content

If you upgrade will you attract more viewers? No.

If you upgrade will you make more sales? No.

If you upgrade can you share more content? No.

Three lies.

It was annoying when people paid and would ask in tickets or chat about what Marketing sent out and for me it just reads as spam. Unsubscribe? Could do, but then I’d miss out on these amazing offers!