Priti Damn Stupid

– “Travellers to the UK from Monday will have to quarantine in one specific address for 14 days when they come into the UK”

– “But they will be allowed to break the two-week coronavirus quarantine to pop out for food, attend funerals and can use public transport”

So people can arrive, take several buses / underground to a shop of their choice, takeaway, Nandos, McD’s etc

Priti Patel just redefined quarantine.

Still happy you voted Tory?

Game Gear Micro? Nope

I love the current thing to release tiny consoles. I have the Playstation Mini, Megadrive Mini, NES Classic, SNES Classic. The PC Engine mini is on pre-order. I’d pre-order and N64 mini the moment I could. I’ve the Evercade on pre-order. I eagerly await the chance to pre-order a PlayDate and an Analogue Pocket.

But the Game Gear Micro? Not a chance.

The screen is too small, the games too limited. It’s just a flat No.

I get they are after collectors – I still have a mint unopened 1TB PS4 Midnight Blue 500 Million Ed if anyone wants to trade cash for it and no, it’s not cheap – but the fact Sega admit you need a magnifying attachment? They were horrible to use on the gameboy and given the screen is smaller than that…. terrible.

Out the back

Our first house had a ‘garden’ that was super tiny. It was pointless so we had it gravelled, some paving, water feature. No green at all. It was lovely.

This, our second house, has a garden. In the picture below where you see dark / tree line the garden extends back some 15-20 feet. It is Insect / litte creature City. Untouched by us, I like that.

Anyway, the picture. That’s a conifer stump and I have no tools to tackle it. There’s another on the left, currently hidden by a bush I’ll hack back to nothing and weed kill tomorrow. I’ve a quote coming June 3rd to grind that down and I’ll replace what is there with a large planter.


Like many I’ve done more gardening in the last few weeks. Unlike most though it’s the most gardening I have ever done. If Jacqui could be told everything I had done she would have insisted on video to prove it. The agreement when we moved here was that she did the garden, I did everything else. I do not find gardening satisfying on any level, but the sun is out, I’m fed up of inside tidying/cleaning so the garden is it.

Touch. I miss touch.