Old woman wants to blather on

“Queen to address country on Sunday as deaths rise”

Who gives a shit?

What is the fucking point?

What effect does she think it will have?

Royalty means nothing these days. Zero.

What is she scared off? The proles storming the palaces?

Beware – Boris probably asked – it could be the Kansas City Shuffle.

The Zoom issue

When I did a clean reinstall of Catalina I – obviously – had to reinstall the apps I used. Zoom was one. I noticed everything about it’s installation that is now being reported and I thought it strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times to make sure. I asked someone at work if they saw the same process – I forget who – and they did.
26 July last year I emailed product-security@apple.com and laid out what I had found.
17 August I got a reply saying they were looking into it.
I cannot have been the only person reporting it so it’s safe to assume that Apple knew all about Zoom was doing and as nothing changed Apple were totally cool with it too.

Jack Monroe on TV

I love many cooking shows – the Masterchefs, Great British Menu, the Bake Offs, anything with Gordon Ramsey, Hairy Bikers, anything Keith Floyd and more. I watch / record them all. I particularly love Saturday Kitchen and Best Bites. It’s on the third monitor when I work at the weekend without fail. Matt Tebbutt is a great presenter so it was really cool to just read that not only will we be getting a new cooking show and that Matt is presenting it but that Jack Monroe is co-presenting.

I’ve got all her books, have a fair number of favourite recipes and wish she would create a “Cooking for One’ book. Splitting down recipes for 4 or 6 is harder than it may seem.

I’ll be watching and recording each of this new series – as work will be too distracting – and I hope it goes well enough that it gets recommissioned. I really do think that Jack is the best cook to be on TV right now.

Moar NHS managers

Matt Hancock just said he’s writing off billions of NHS Trust debt. Nice move. But I’ll bet you my house that those same Trusts will hire more managers and non-frontline staff than they do nurses and the others in the NHS who actually work for a living.

Crispy pizza

The G3 arrived. I have the ingredients for pizza dough, but no mozzarella, fresh basil so after I tried a regular frozen pizza in it. Much much better than the oven. It was quicker and proper crispy. Very very good. Recommended.

The review which got me to impulse buy is this one:

Tomorrow is a ‘make more vegetable stock’ and ‘make coleslaw’ day so no mozzarella for a week.