A Tsunami of Perfect Storms

Both ‘Tsunami’ and ‘Perfect Storm’ have been and continue to be overused.
Surely they are worn out.
It’s like the English language has no alternatives.

“We had a tsunami of emails”
“It was a customer tsunami”
No, you just got busy.

And Perfect Storm is used in a shorthand way to mean “Take my word for it that things could not be worse”.
Of course they could.


If you want to appear informed, use the language appropriately.
If you want to look like an idiot, please continue to use both.

Less reddit

I uninstalled the reddit app from my phone and my ipad.

I’ve used reddit for years and there are so many reposts, so many reposted comments.
It is too easy to just scroll, scroll, scroll
The reddit admins ignore mods. Fuck the admins.

I do still have the bookmark on my computers, but I very very rarely login, I adblock / scriptblock as much as I can. Not being logged in I see more of the crap which helps break the habit.

There are better ways to spend my attention.

Two weeks with a weighted blanket

Few weeks ago my eldest and I got to discussing weighted blankets and the good reviews they get. Had a look on Amazon at prices and I’m not shelling out £50+ for a single blanket. A few days later she sees two in a store for £25 and grabbed them.

The blanket is enough for one person, weighs about 7kg. I’ve used it every night since.

Has the quality of my sleep improved?
I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling good. I still get the freaky dreams about loss and being lost.

Does it help me get to sleep quicker?
That remains as variable as ever.

Am I sleeping more?

So overall I am finding no benefit to using it. In fact there’s a drawback. If the blanket slides off you, it takes much more effort to drag it back over than a duvet or sheets would.

Keep using it? Unsure. I suspect it’ll end up being a bed for the dogs / cats.

My kitchen window

IMG 0759

Some years ago we had to have a ramp fitted at the back so that Jacqui and wheelchair / stretcher could get in and out. After her death that was broken up. Turned out that one piece of that wood fitted the kitchen window perfectly – it sits on the top of the tiles, no other adjustments needed. Today I decided to sand it back from the ‘very rustic’ look to something still rustic but less … brown. I like.

Added two screws so I have my steel measuring spoon sets handy.

There are 3 pestle/mortars, but I only use two.

Tiny cauldrons. I think I have a dozen around the house, just ordered more Stamford Incense Cones as I’m running out.

Spider plants. They insist on growing.

Also cleared the gutter at the back – and found the two tennis balls responsible for the blockages.

I have a house todo list that is long. Very long.

But covid … there’s no rush is there?

Kickstarters – still still waiting

April 2017 I wrote this post: Kickstarters – still waiting.
After 3 and half years, here’s an update:

Delver’s Drop.
Est Delivery Oct 2013
Still not delivered, KS page last updated 2018

Est Delivery Dec 2013
Demo given to backers, but still no release date.

Soul Saga
Est Delivery July 2014

Est Delivery Jan 2014

Est Delivery Dec 2014
Increasingly looks like a scam

Bloom: Memories
Est Delivery Dec 2015
Still not delivered, has a Steam date of Spring 2021

I’ve backed hardware since and got the product. I’ve backed The White Pande but software? The devs above have poisoned that well for me and very probably others.

Writing things down 3

I will have two txt files.

The first will deal with practicalities, notes about stuff. There will be no need for encryption because there will be nothing super secret in there. So I can send it plain text (or more likely upload to a hidden directory on a domain of mine and ask the girls to download it. This gives us the chance to read it, check for anything they think I’m missing and so improve it.

The second will have financial details.
That has to be encrypted.
I could send the girls the file and half the password each.
I could send the girls the file and give the password to someone else.
Still pondering that one.

The second one is pretty much done. Get into 1Password and off you go.
The first less done, and that’s why sharing it in the family is a good thing.

In other news, I feel fine 🙂

Writing things down 2

I wrote an email and sent the same to both my girls.
My youngest replied thanking me for my ‘morbid email’
– I replied that she has spelt the word practical wrongly 🙂

My email, and the subsequent actions really are practical.
After Jacqui died the hardest decisions were “What would Jacqui want me/us to do?”

Writing this down takes pressure off.
Writing it down means those left have a plan to follow.
Writing it down forces me to think, to consider, to plan.

Jacqui’s death taught me a lot. I’ve never been the person left behind. Beiung the type of person who thinks “That was then, this is now” it makes me think hard about when my girls lose me.

Again, I’ve no intention of doing anything and if paternal longevity is anything to go by I’ve a few decades left.

The point is that so much of life is non-nuclear family and so much of (my) life involes passwords, two factors, a PIN for a phone and computers.

While just dealing with the Will requires no digital access , someone can have all my music, ripped stuff, Steam / Epic / Origjn etc accounts. Someone needs to manage my Smugmug etc

So what I am trying to do is not morbid.
It’s trying to be practical about an inevitability.

(Fot what it’s worth.. I don’t feel well but nor do I feel bad. Does going to sleep later worry me? More than it did last week, yes).

What will be will be.