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13:43 Mon 10 Sep 2012


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What is the probability that two highly skilled engineers managed be at the same remote place, at the same time, yet still managed to end up dead as a result of what looks to be a military style assasination?

Craig Murray » The Al-Hilli Conundrum.

12:26 Sat 11 Aug 2012

Romney’s new bud

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“America is the most pro-human idea ever conceived.”

What a crazy crazy bastard.

09:09 Sat 4 Aug 2012

Eastwood is stupid

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BBC News – Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney for president.
I didn’t realise just how utterly stupid Clint Eastwood was but I do now.

12:39 Sun 29 Jul 2012

NBC scumbags

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Daily Kos: NBC: We skipped terror tribute because it wasn’t “tailored for the U.S. audience”.
Are they going to skip events where the USA doesn’t win then too?

13:23 Wed 25 Jul 2012

Another theme rant

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A blog has 1 user. Just one. If any theme ever displayed “Posted by” anywhere on any post or any page then that theme has failed. Why is this so difficult for theme authors to grasp? I should not need to make a child theme to remove something that should never have been there in the first place.

23:33 Thu 19 Jul 2012

Cash for a cartridge

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Now that is expensive. How I Got Nintendo Powerfest 94.

16:09 Wed 18 Jul 2012

Mozilla + Google

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Mozilla has rolled out Firefox 14, which automatically encrypts web searches through Google, but the new release leaves an important back door open to advertisers.
The Register.

DuckDuckGo is what you need.

21:51 Tue 17 Jul 2012

Google knows where it is

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Copyright holders are responding to this effort with a comical display of meta-censorship, in which Google is asked to remove links to takedown requests, because these link to sites that link to copyrighted material.

Apple want even more data

Filed under: Apple — 20:43 Tue 17 Jul 12

Seen on an iTunes app page at

Become a fan of the iTunes and App Store pages on Facebook for exclusive offers, the inside scoop on new apps and more.

Seriously? There will be nothing they will have on the FB pages that can by any stretch of any imagination be called “exclusive”. And “inside scoop”? On what? How are people believing this? Are they all mad?

23:11 Mon 16 Jul 2012


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I’m sure since the last OS X Lion Service Pack (I forget what the slick Apple term is for “here’s a shedload more code to fix stuff” is) that the kernel_task process just takes off on it’s own. 40% CPU? 800mb RAM? Sure, help yourself. It must be very important it’s job whatever it is otherwise Apple wouldn’t let it work this way would they? Between it and mdworker it’s amazing that anything else runs. It is supremely annoying to have other processes judder to a halt because of this.

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