Your heart might say Clegg. But vote with your head

“Until the electoral system is reformed, progressives are stuck. If you do not want a Tory government, it’s tactics, not romance Get real. Keep your head screwed on. What result do you want? I will assume, dear Guardian reader, that like me you have two prime purposes. One is to prevent Cameron walking into Downing Street on 7 May. Equal first is to secure electoral reform so that we are never again presented with such a disgraceful voting choice. If that’s not your view, you can save time, stop reading here and push off to some Murdoch organ that will amply satisfy your needs.”

(Polly Toynbee |

Last time we abandoned the young, bits of Britain broke

This is no time to be young. Pity those leaving school, applying to college and university, graduating or job-seeking. They’re caught between an entirely predicted population bulge and an entirely avoidable cap on places. Unlucky the class of 2009, where tens of thousands may miss chances they thought promised after years of aspiration-raising by teachers and politicians.

Last time we abandoned the young, bits of Britain broke
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