Post-ink glow

Had 2 hours of tattooing done earlier and I am now in this strange but wonderful state of relaxation which is unlike the norm. Very pleasant indeed. The purple and green ink is embedded into my left forearm with some hours of work left to so. No pics yet.

Wary eyes

73 very interesting minutes.

The Mark of Cain documents the fading art form and language of Russian criminal tattoos, formerly a forbidden topic in Russia.
A few things stand out. The level of access the maker was given, there seemed to be a lot of metal in teeth, the phrase “we permit more air”, the different cell tortures (water up to the neck so you can’t sleep), the marked contrast between male/female and the ‘it was better back then’ in different ways. Most of all though it is the eyes.

Perfectly annoying

P makes great mince pies and she makes them in great quantities because I eat the most. How many is most? If she made 100 I’d eat 80. So I am at the height of my festive pie eating right now or to put it another way I am taking up more space daily. Come the thaw the girls and me will start using an elliptical trainer which is in the garage. We could use it inside but it’s a little cruel to use exercise equipment in front of Jacq. Very cruel. So in the frozen garage it is and will remain unloved until there is a thaw. The weight must come off and that is one method. Anyway, I’m doing the washing up and I twist the broken finger. It didn’t have the splint on because I’m increasing the movement but it twisted and I said ouch. P called through asking if I was okay which it was. And that’s when I realised what the hand damage had shown me.

I had more sympathy / concern over my hand (which admittedly is a fairly useful bit of the anatomy) than I have from being bipolar and all that entails (and minds are more essential than hands) and yet online you cannot see the effect of a broken finger (I can still type) but you really do see the effects of my mental health. It comes through in so much I write. I’m sure I could map the ups/downs through twitter at least and me writing this now in an indication of a frame of mind.
There was a meme about invisible illnesses went around some blogs earlier this year. I did all the answers and nearly posted it here but was wary of who would read it. Wary because you cannot un-reveal something. (Found a site called unsuicide yesterday while looking for something else – and no, I’m not – and I wondered how you would unsuicide exactly. If you can’t unsee then unsuicide is well, impossible? I got the point of the site). If you are going to reveal you have to trust. There are people I will never know reading this and I don’t care because we know nothing of each other, some readers I really do want to meet and I genuinely trust them and there are others I either have met or will meet who I trust and do not trust. This goes back to being bipolar and the fact people will read this blog and make their minds up before we meet. Or they will look back and decide in retrospect that something done genuinely was done because of my mental health.

5. Most people assume: That what I am saying does not count because they think I’m too happy, too sad, too mad. “Oh he doesn’t mean it” or they conveniently forget about the bipolar when it suits them.

It’s very very annoying. It’s bad enough me wondering just what’s going on without having to deal with conflicting messages even though I am the reason for them. It’s my fault but it’s also not. Which isn’t a cop-put, it’s just difficult. So is this a way of asking for sympathy? No because you can’t give it. So why mention it in comparison to my hand? I don’t know.

In other news I still cannot play MW2. But a tentative few goes on BCBF2 went well so that is the game of choice for a while. I am Level 5 Specialist II so I have much yet to learn.

And finally I was looking for a domain for someone else and found one I just had to buy. The design (which is crap, I know but I have never pretended to have any aesthetic abilities whatsoever)  is the original for the tattoo I have on my chest – and if you knew all the meanings captured in that design you really would know me very very well.


The veins tattooed on my left arm have been beefed up. Slight shading, more blue, tiny bit of black and some purple. Should look perfect. Took 2 hours. First colour (black) was easy, no pain. Purples were next and they stung a touch where they overlapped with the previous black. The blue was last and it crossed both sets of angry skin. Ouch it was esp on the inner elbow. Or maybe I’m a wuss :) Felt fine when there, came back and felt ill. As always. Even now some 5 hours later I feel ill. Not bad ill but as if I’ll wake up with the flu tomorrow.
Neil at abody (the tattoo studio) has an apprentice. She’ll not be tattooing for a while and seeing as my arms are now complete (bar a little colour top-up in the right arm) I’m thinking of taking her in a copy of Bartleby Anatomy and suggesting that my right calf could do with some action. I think the neck would be better but that’s an expensive place for a mistake. Should be free though and Neil could oversee. This of course depends on him and her and me so it may not come off. But it’s a thought.
Photos will be taken tomorrow in daylight and then in a couple of weeks.

And best of all they don’t want their site changing yet – – and they have a vacancy for a tattooist.

Go aloe?

Need to check on what the latest advice for a healing tattoo is. I used cocoa butter before and also just a light moisturiser on another but there could be something else? My left arm is being completed (or the next stage done depending on what happens after).