Pirates are good

The movie and music industry seem hell bent on portraying pirates as criminals and parasites who cost both industries billions of dollars in lost sales. In order to prove this fact a number of studies are commissioned to help demonstrate the effect a pirate has on sales of entertainment.

Unfortunately, we will never get to read the official version of the study as the unnamed client who paid for it to be created has decided it should not see a release. The reason given for shelving it was that the contents proved “unpleasant.”

Movie industry buries report proving pirates are great consumers | Geek.com.

Edit the dot

I needed a program for a specific task – like you do – and found one with a trial so opted for that. Took me a few clicks and errors before I worked it out and liked it and then I’d run out of changes. I tried to buy the program but the transaction failed. Tried 3 more times with the same result. They had a form to fill out for if this happened so I completed that for them. Because I was in the mood to keep doing this particular task I thought I’d uninstall the app, reinstall and see what happened. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Of course dragging/dropping to the Trash does not remove the whole program and anyone who thinks it does on a mac wants their head felt. I used App Cleaner to see what files were where and there was a dot file in Prefs. Wondering what was in it I opened it in Textedit and found a perfectly formatted file with an integer count. So I when made a change and the counter incremented, it hits the preset number the program stops. I changed it to -1000000 and reopened the program. It works, I can now have a million changes for the ‘trial’.
Went back to their site and grabbed another of their apps and it works exactly the same way. No attempt to encode the dot file or write it somewhere odd, was obviously listed in some receipt or otherwise. Why? As more people with a clue use apps like App Cleaner which show the files and when they are opened they are clearly written as to what to change they they’ll lose money. No need for cracks, connection limiting or other workrounds. Just Textedit. Surely as their potential market gets bigger they need to be sure they profit from that and a dot file just isn’t going to do it.

And I will buy it – I like it. (and I obviously can’t tell you what it is).