Another reason to hate iTunes

Like I needed more… It’s 3am and pretty quiet. I realise that the external HD is noisy. Check that Spotlight hasn’t decided to index it (not allowed to) and realise it’s that damn iTunes again. Pause playing the music, drive stops. Repeat to be sure. Go do some searching and fine instances of this very complaint going back to 2004. SIX YEARS. That far back people were complaining and yes there are noisy drives but if I am playing one track why can’t iTunes work out that lifting that track in one go into RAM to play would make total sense instead of dragging it off 100kb at a time? It’s not rocket science is it for a computer to cache some data? And it’s not even that much. But then iTunes is no ordinary shop is it?

If you ever wrote any code that is in iTunes you should be skinned, rolled in salt and have the crystals washed off with hot water. Daily.

iTunes. Buggy, useless and crap.

Copy one track from one album into one folder and have the computer see just that one track. It’s not much to ask and if that happens I am happy. What makes me unhappy is when iTunes is playing and I find a track playing twice even though I only own it once.

I deleted all the AC/DC tracks and re-ripped the cd’s. Some tracks showed up 3 times inside iTunes.

I remove all iTunes folder, prefs, and other files (yes, apple programmes stick crap everywhere too) I copy the entire Music directory to another HD. I remove all old apps, I go through all the albums and remove the junk left from the wife’s music. I use artwork view and do the same. I check for duplicates and it gives me hundreds. I don’t mean the same track on different albums, I mean the exact same track on the exact same album is showing up several times. I reveal in Finder and find the one track only. I buy Dupin from Doug’s Scripts and run that. After doing so I check iTunes and it says no dupes. I then use Pollux to find artwork for the missing albums. It does what it can – which was very good indeed – but another of Doug’s Scripts to embed artwork does not work for some reason. Now, this one small paragraph has been a huge amount of work. I think I started with 60-80gb of music apparently. So, it’s looking just about okay and I need to just check again the missing artwork and use Amazon to find the right images. I had quit iTunes, so I fire it up again and just check for dupes. It finds hundreds again but a different number. So everything I have done I need to do again with no guarantee that it will work.
I check more. The /Music folder is 81gb. I check iTunes. It says I have over 30gb of music. Using Daisydisk I find what is taking up that 81gb. My compilations take up 5.7gb (they don’t), iTunes Media takes 45gb (what?) and then I have some music. The media has 12gb of ipod touch apps. I know that but that leave 33gb of something when the music (in another folder) I have is 30gb (and no, it was not organising and no, it was not copying music). So what is that 33gb because it isn’t music. I have no idea and by now I really don’t care.
I would cheerfully see the iTunes programmers hang. Really. They deserve all the punishment possible and then some. But then it isn’t a music player anyway is it?

So I have an indeterminate amount of music which may or may not have artwork and a programme I have every intention of uninstalling. I don’t care if I won’t use it, I do not want it there.

I have Windows 7 installed, I have a Creative Zen Vision M and I will use those to rip and move the music to the Zen. If there is not enough space for what I really want to move I’ll buy another player – anythingbutipod should have the collective wisdom. And that will have the sound system plugged into it. This will actually give better sound, less tinny.

I have previously tried dragging and dropping album by album and now even though I have only added I find it dupes old tracks for no good reason. The same track across different albums is fine but what it is doing is not. I’ve gone beyond even thinking about other solutions. You know if you go to the apple forums people mention this constantly but the posters there must think it an acceptable price for being “cool”. It’s a bug. Treat it as such, put the tools in the programme to properly fix dupes and better still make it so it cannot happen.

iTunes. The biggest pile of steaming skank on any computer currently.

Fake plastic

Jacq was called yesterday by Natwest who told her that her bank card had been cloned. So that’s the second card of hers which has probably been skimmed. That account is therefore out of reach as new cards are issued and she contacted Barclaycard to get those details changed as a precaution. How to get fast help in such cases? Say “My card has been skimmed” and they don’t mess you about – send you straight to the fraud dept. Apparently Barclaycard have some monitoring checks you can use so J is doing those now. And she already uses Credit Expert to keep an eye on potential issues that way.
She had a call last week from Barclaycard about “unusual activity’. When she asked where she was told iTunes. Turns out my grandiose spending of 59p and £1.79 here and there had set off the alarms. Yet when I buy the shopping on it, an xbox on it and other stuff all in one day or buy online they couldn’t care. And I’d been using the card at iTunes since I got the Touch (and no music. I refuse to buy music from a computer company). I’m sure they’ll say someone could be testing the card for approval.

They say you are fully protected against this sort of thing. But given that you would no doubt have to prove you were not in certain places, given that you would have to do without money until they satisfied themselves and this would be no short process, and also given that we must all surely know by now that bankers are thieves in it only for themselves then I don’t want to be at the sharp end of finding out.

Fat Apple.

“How do you supersize a simple music manager? Ask Apple.”

“It takes a supersize helping of chutzpah to create an ad that criticizes Windows for its ?bloat? and then deliver an upgrade with as much unnecessary junk as this one.”

“And finally, decide whether you want to install Apple Software Update. Given the history of serious security flaws in QuickTime and iTunes, it?s crucial to remain up to date with patches for all Apple programs you choose to install.”

Ed Bott at

I’ll be following the comments to see what the fanboys come out with to counter this.

Moving music into iTunes

iTunes. Music. Folders.
This post is so I do not rant later. All the music is now fairly sorted and ready to be copied back to the mini. A lot is tagged, a lot has incomplete tags, and a lot has no tags, just a title. So I have 2 options:
– copy the whole lot into the Music directory and Add to Library
– point iTunes at the existing directory and – with the right options set – let it do it’s thing (copy, organise)
I care not for album art particularly.
I will never buy anything from the iTunes store.
I just want to be able to find what I want.
I do want to be easily able to find music when copying it to the mp3 player. (I use XNJB)

Is there an advantage to allowing iTunes to do what it wants? If not, I’ll just add, not import.

Yet another iTunes gripe

I used iTunes to downloads podcasts. It was not allowed to touch anything else, just them. Before the upgrade to Leopard I copied the entire music folder to the ext hd. After the upgrade I resubscribed to the podcasts. When doing that itunes brought up the list of podcasts that were available but not downloaded – I have them all so no need for them. But will iTunes recognise them? No.

I tried adding to the library – it adds them as music.
I tried importing – no go.
I tried just copying the whole lot – still not happening.
I tried letting it copy/sort/do what it wanted – no.

So because this iTunes did not download the podcasts they do not exist. I can put them in the same directory but when I refresh the pane showing the podcast directory it stubbornly refuses to see them. Does it matter? As I still have the music, no. But as a point it is precisely this sort of inanity that makes me hate Apple for the trash that is iTunes. It downloaded them, it read the tags, it know where they came from but it will not store them in the right place and recognise that. Or does it? The Apple forums don’t seem to have the answer from reading there (I have not posted yet). All I want is to not only have all the podcasts in the one directory but for iTunes to see them and list them accordingly. I don’t care that a search will find the track – that is not the point. I just want it to behave in what I think is a reasonable fashion.

In the meantime, I’ll use Google Reader for podcasts.