Apple stupidity

I have said this before but this is fantastically stupid.

You don’t save anyone any time at all. You just make a big mess – the mess which caused the lockup in the first place. Re-opening windows is a really dumb thing to do. Really dumb. As dumb as it can get.
To whoever decided this was a great idea – I hope they find a special place in hell for you because you will deserve every minute you get.

Tories stamp on kids

Did you vote Conservative?
Did you vote Lib Dem?
If you did, you did this:

A nationwide survey of Sure Start children’s centre managers across England, carried out by 4Children and Daycare Trust, found that 250 children’s centres are at risk of closure, a further 2,000 are cutting back the services they offer to families and 1,000 are issuing “at risk of redundancy notices” to staff. As many as 3,100 centres (86%) will have a decreased budget. Liberal Conspiracy

What was Sure Start?

Labour’s great legacy was 3,500 Sure Start children’s centres, most densely provided in the poorest places. The politically neutral Institute for Government this week listed Sure Start and the minimum wage among the most successful government policies of the last 30 years. Here at last, with universal nursery education for 3- and 4-year-olds and intensive family help, is the missing cradle in the cradle-to-grave welfare promise. Polly Toynbee 2010

In any clash over priorities, the under-fives are always sacrificed first. Polly Toynbee 2005

As many as 60,000 families could lose their local centre

So if you voted for this coalition I hope you are proud of your decision.

Google. Bastards.

So I wake to find that Google had disabled a GMail account. No reason at all. It cannot have been compromised – I use stupidly long passwords – I have not spammed, it is superlow volume, they just did it for kicks. As everyone who has ever tried to contact them knows Google has no Support team. No-one. Nothing. Support budget? $0. So the option to send a Support request is useless. And what do they want otherwise? My mobile phone number. Those “privacy means sod all unless you work for Google” people want another piece of my information just so they can give me access to my email account. So that account will be closed and I’m off to Hotmail or even another domain of mine. I barely use Google now and I’m no worse off and events like this just make my hatred of them burn brighter.

Clueless Apple Support

I bought Doodlejump for the idevice many months ago. It showed up – as you would expect – on the email receipt Apple sent at some random later date. Now… I had paid money for Doodlejump. I called that ‘a purchase’ and so did Apple.
3 days ago I opened iTunes and it said 45 apps needed updating. It did so and now in iTunes it says I had 45 purchases on that day – but I bought nothing. The ‘receipt’ shows 45 purchases at the price of Free. But some of those apps were originally free, some cost me but none were purchases that day. So why does Apple use what must be some sort of scam in stating everything is a purchase?

Fact is that Apple don’t want us to know how much we spend there. It would scare them to let us find out and that is why there is no way at all to establish just how much you have spent and in the case of the app store what you have bought.
It matters because you don’t know if you have bought something until you either click through all your Purchase History in iTunes (no search function there) or you click and find you have been billed. Could they make it easy? Of course they could – but that’s not profitable is it?

So I emailed Apple Support. I pointed out what I knew I could do and what I wanted – a list of all purchased apps where a name would appear just once, no updates, just a list of each app. Eric emailed me back having pasted an answer, having not read what I had written and told me what I knew and he could have seen I knew. He said that he hoped he had helped. I replied that his response to me was “Useless”. He trotted out “While I understand that your purchase history displays your updates, it also displays a complete list of all of your actual purchases as well. Also note that all of your emailed invoices also contains a list of your purchases.” I don’t want to see updates – but the money/music machine that is Apple won’t let you.

What Apple are doing is a con and probably a scam in some way.

(And I have never and will never buy any music from them. Thankfully they are not the only game in town there, not by a very long way and never will be).