On Mental Health

“As if you can just section me, I say. You can’t just say someone is sectioned and then they are sectioned. That is not how it works.”

It is.
As an Registered Nurse (RNMH, long since the PC RNLD) I had cause to section a guy. I read the form I had to, he laughed, kicked out a window and went to the city general hospital to fake a heart attack to get care. In my 17 years as a nurse he was and remains the one patient I hate, loathe and despise.

Richard? I fucking hate you.

“When I am well, I sometimes think I will be fine for life, and want to abandon all my medication. And when I am not well, I think maybe I really am just a fuck-up, and should not be dealt with sympathetically. “

Yes. Me.
I’m open about my depression, but my actual diagnosis? No. A few select people I absolutely trust know. Work does not. Will not. It wouldn’t change anything positively if they did know, so why reveal?

Some days, sometimes several together, are very hard. It’s the way it is, has to be, I can’t change it. Not nice.

Having a mental illness is not simple.

It can be really really hard.

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Link Spammers

Does anyone else get these annoying spammy emails about “broken links” on their site?

You might not have noticed but XXX has been down for some time so you’ve now got a broken link on this page – http://romanticrobot.net/2004/ XXX

It would benefit your readers to link to us here http://xxxx..

2004? Link rot? No shit sherlock!

I thought I’d warn you about a link on this page – http://romanticrobot.net/2004/XX – which doesn’t go where I think it should.

I think it would be better going to our site.

There are more.

Here’s the deal: You give me money, I edit my post. But you won’t will you because you are total spammers who want to make most money with zero effort.

Go away.

Ubisoft Support – excellent

Tried to login to Uplay this morning and found that for some reason I had no 2-factor code on my phone. Not sure where it had gone but I needed access.
I emailed their Support at 07:20 asking for 2-factor to be switched off.
It was fixed by 12:58
That is excellent service.

So PedroA @ Ubisoft Support – many thanks :)

Love this.

If you don’t read the Blind Date section of the weekend Guardian you are missing out.

This quote today is wonderful:

What were you hoping for?
Someone who looks at me the way they do when they spot their luggage on an airport carousel.

Isn’t that great?

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