Knocking the dust off

Couple of plugin and widget changes, installed Jetpack and connected twitter/facebook, made sure I’m still on the latest WP nightly updates and I’m writing this from the WordPress desktop app (of course). I still like this theme though (which must be a record)(though I just noticed that the theme is displaying my name as post author despite me being the only user that can post. Pet hate of mine is that… when when when will theme creators make that an option or code it properly??)(if I can’t find what file to edit then this theme will be junked). (See, back and ranting already…)

Found it – if you use Penscratch and you too don’t like your name being shown because hey it’s just you posting you need to edit the file wp-content/themes/penscratch-wpcom/inc/template-tags.php
On line 92, at the end remove %2$s
That leaves a hanging ~ but that’s tolerable.



While you are here, go drop a guestblock :) The code for this is now on Github and I have some plans to improve what is there.

Next up is finding how to 301 this site to a new url. Never done that before but it seems the right thing to do this time.

Google has my fingerprint uses the new reCAPTCHA from Google.
If I login there using Safari (for the first time on that site) I get the ‘Click to show you are not a robot” and when I do I get logged in straight away.
If I login using Chromium when I tick the box I get shown an image matching task as I posted about here.
If I login using Firefox I don’t even get the chance to click anything and I am shown a very distorted couple of words and everything I enter is always wrong. So then I get shown some code to copy as I posted about here.
I clear cookies and all saved data in each browser when it closes so this behaviour by Google has to come down to 2 options as I see it.

  1. Google are using some sort of super cookie / evercookie.
  2. Google have fingerprinted my browser.

According to Panopticlick

Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 5,186,229 tested so far.

Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys at least 22.31 bits of identifying information

Looks like disabling javascript could be the way to go – hello NoScript.
Will also try blocking Google fonts/ajax.
And this is on top of uBlock, Privacy Badger and Ghostery.

Google are part of the problem. They are not part of any solution.

Relevant for all forums

The Virtues of Moderation

This Article provides a novel taxonomy of moderation in online communities. It breaks down the basic verbs of moderation—exclusion, pricing, organizing, and norm-setting—and shows how they help communities walk the tightrope between the chaos of too much freedom and the sterility of too much control. Scholars studying the commons can learn from moderation, and so can policy-makers debating the regulation of online communities.

Replace irritants

There is a particular feminist whose views irritate the hell out of me. I don’t now read anything she writes but I do have to see her name when using certain sites I frequent. That alone irritates me. So I was delighted to find this Firefox extension – FoxReplace – because now instead of her name I see the term I have chosen to display. She would hate it but I love it. Makes my browsing so much nicer.