Replace irritants

There is a particular feminist whose views irritate the hell out of me. I don’t now read anything she writes but I do have to see her name when using certain sites I frequent. That alone irritates me. So I was delighted to find this Firefox extension – FoxReplace – because now instead of her name I see the term I have chosen to display. She would hate it but I love it. Makes my browsing so much nicer.

BBC knuckle draggers

Meanwhile, the BBC declined to give a figure on the number of complaints it has received about Top Gear being pulled from the schedules due to the ongoing investigation.

And yet the BBC are all too keen to say at other times that they answer to the TV Tax license payers when someone says anything that offends even a single person.

The BBC are a joke.

It’s Comic Relief night.
Want to raise millions?
Get people to send a quid for Clarkson to come back.

Goodbye VoodooPad

vp I’ve used VoodooPad for years, probably since 2006. “You put your brain in it” is the slogan on the webpage and so I did. My vp file is 48mb with only tiny images, no pdfs. It’s all text. And I loved it. I love wikis and the flexibility they have. But two days ago I hit a problem.

I opened the file and a couple of seconds later it crashed and quit. Fully uninstalled VP, reinstalled, tried again – same result. Sent an email to Plausible Labs support along with what I had tried and the full crash log and their first solution did not work. Got an email this morning saying it would be escalated. Given there is work in there I want to access I thought I’d try various things to see what would work.

Right-clicked the app, ‘Show Package Contents’ and tried removing various folders while reopening VP to see when the crashing stopped. Turns out that /Pages/0 holds the crash culprit and with that removed I can now access everything else. Thing is though I have no idea what was in /Pages/0. Apart from .plist files all my data is in a format I cannot decipher.

One page in VP was encrypted by me. The rest were normal and could be seen when the app opened. But I have no clue how to find out what I removed in that folder and I certainly can’t remember. So this shows me that as much as I love VP I can’t now use it. It was sold by it’s creator so Support is by the purchaser and creators always know more. The fact that I’ve lost information with no way to recover is annoying.

together I will transfer everything I can now see in VP into Together and then uninstall VP. I have used Together for years too for keeping track of pdfs, some images and various other files. It’s a solid app which is still being enhanced and with good support. I just need to get used to writing in it. And unless I encrypt everything is stored normally so even if it did crash I can still access everything.

Google says I am a spammer

Reading this article on Google’s new CAPTCHA – and it’s associated privacy concerns and I see that very sadly it is now a required element to register at
Since it started it has set me as a spammer. How so? I just tried to register a new account at and I entered the captcha text perfectly. It should have said I was not a robot but instead it shows me this:

It’s been the same since last December and I wait to see what happens when BT cycle my IP address. I am 100% sure Google will still say I am a spammer.