BBC NK/USA Propaganda


Prominence given to this statement:

New US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – who earlier this month travelled secretly to Pyongyang to meet Mr Kim – said his impression was that Mr Kim was serious about reaching a deal.

“The economic pressure put in place by this global effort that President Trump has led has led him to believe that it’s in his best interest to come to the table and talk about denuclearisation,” he said, speaking at a Nato meeting in Brussels.

The VERY last line of that Trump-sucking post?

“Chinese researchers have indicated that North Korea’s nuclear test site may be unusable after a rock collapse.”

which links to this information which says Kim has basically fucked himself.

But the BBC? Trump lovers.

Reddit redesign.


Fucking terrible.

Way to make me use desktop less.

Been there years, 100k+ karma, hundreds of hours invested as a mod.

And modding on mobile? Might as well try to use a banana as a coffee mug.

Digg died. I actually hope reddit does too with this shitshambles of “new”.

fb targeted ads – my turn.

2 evenings ago J said she only really used her phone to tell the time when she wakes at night. I mentioned maybe getting a projection clock. The conversation moved on without an answer.
Last evening J said that a projection clock might be a good idea, so I started looking.
On my phone I opened the Amazon Shopping app and looked through various options. Nothing looked good.
Later yesterday I was sitting at my desktop machine and searched again as I was gaming online. I opened Firefox to do this. I was not logged into Amazon.

I need a voice activated clock. I know Alexa will tell the time when asked and so does J but if she wants a projection clock I’ll do what I can to get her one. Anyway, I browsed Amazon and found nothing. I closed Firefox.

Years ago I realised that Firefox loads and works faster if there is no cache. So my FF settings are to delete everything on quit.

I do not have FF sync.
I do not have fb (or even twitter) on my phone.

Earlier, on my desktop PC I opened Menutab for facebook. I see this:

So where is menutab loading cookies? I asked them:

Thank you for writing in, MenuTab for Facebook stores it information in the following folder:


It does not use any external browser cache.

To recap:
– I searched in the Amazon app on a phone.
– I searched in non-logged-in Firefox on a different machine
and yet I get targeted ads.

Explain that one.

Milos Foreman

He died. Looking at his IMDB page the only film I recall is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

First saw that in 1985/6 when during my nurse training the tutor dragged in a TV/video setup on a trolley to the classroom, pressed Play and left.

It was as powerful then as it was when Jacqui and I re-watched it a few weeks ago.

If you have never seen that film – go watch it. It’s funny, it’s thought provoking and it’s sad. It’s a film impossible to forget.

I hate ads.

On Firefox I use uMatrix, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and Ghostery. Overkill? Maybe but I don’t care.

Ads on mobile I hate even more. But now? Blokada to the rescue.
It’s free.
It’s open source.
It’s Android only.
And it works.

Highly recommended.

John Peel and censorship

There was a conversation in a work Slack channel about memories we have when significant events happen. Reagan being shot, 9/11, Mandela’s release, Diana. I remembered that I’d posted when John Peel died – this was pre-Twitter – so I thought I’d find the post.

Into Bing I go. No result
I try DDG. No result.
As a last attempt, I try Google john peel
and I STILL see no result.


But I do see this:
Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more

So for some weird reason my post here – – does not appear in search engines.


It’s hardly controversial, is it.

Sick of being sick

Every single day for over 2 weeks now it's the same.
My eyes sting, I ache all over all day, I get really hot and then shiver, sense of taste is gone, head feels blocked, sneezing+++.  It's the same from when I wake to when I sleep.

I am so fucking tired.

This too shall pass but hell I wish it would pass a bit quicker.

Amazon Alexa and the Bravia XE80

Short version – the Sony Bravia XE80 does not work with Alexa.

My wife is forever going to remain bed-bound (3+ years and counting) and recently I'd noticed that she is having increasing difficulty manipulating both her iphone and TV remote controls. She obviously cannot affect any part of the wider environment. Voice control has to be the answer.

I bought an Amazon Echo, a Dot and a couple of smart plugs (TP-Link). So now she can turn lights on/off, call me using the Echo and play Music. All good and she's as happy as a clam about these improvements.

Apart from the Echo playing music the TV is her only other source of entertainment so that was the next target. The Sony Bravia XE80 sells itself as Alexa enabled. The price was okay, reviews seemed okay so I ordered one. And I just wasted an entire morning finding out how bad that model actually is.

Got everything setup, updated when prompted, installed the Alexa app on the TV itself and the Sony skill on Alexa. The app has a List of Things to try, so I started going through them. Alexa would turn the TV on/off. It would change the volume sometimes. It would obey 'next channel'. And that's it. No other commands would work.
Tell it to switch to HDMI 4? No
Tell it to change to channel 5? No
Tell it to pause? No
Tell it to change to BBC 1? "Command not supported by device TV". All attempts at changing channels failed unless I said "Next channel".
So this terrible Alexa enabled device was already proving unsuitable.

Youview. Jacqui uses Youview (we have a Youview box) constantly. It's her goto TV guide, she records what she wants and the UI is familiar. The Sony Bravia XE80 cannot record Youview. The only way to get this TV to record is to disable Youview completely and then add an extra HDD to the TV. This would mean Jacqui having to learn not just whatever UI was then presented but also would need to learn how to use the new tv remote. I'm not disabled but the navigation arrows being inside another ring of buttons meant it would be totally unsuitable. So that's another Bad Thing about this TV.

Speed. The TV Ui as a whole is so so slow. It took minutes to boot. Pressing a key to switch channels brought a delay of a few seconds.

It is now factory reset and back in it's box awaiting a return to Amazon.