WordPress should be clearer (GDPR)

The 4.9.6 release includes new Privacy features. On the release post it says :

Data Erasure
Site owners can erase a user’s personal data, including data collected by participating plugins.

I really do think that this should have been spelled out a lot better. It’s not in the Codex that I could find.

Say very precisely what will happen.

I wanted to know and the only way to check was to try it.

I made a comment on my last post. This is what I saw in the site admin:

I then entered that email address into the Tools > Erase Personal Data page in site admin and I clicked the link

This shows

I click the button and go to Comments

So the result is that:
– the name is removed
– the url to their website is removed
– the email is removed
– the last octet of their IP is removed
– and the comment remains intact

WordPress really could have done a much better job and explained this to all it’s users.

(and don’t forget that as I get emails whenever a comment is left that will always have all the information now removed from the site. And if it’s in a search engine? Good luck with that..)

Relevant for all forums

The Virtues of Moderation

This Article provides a novel taxonomy of moderation in online communities. It breaks down the basic verbs of moderation—exclusion, pricing, organizing, and norm-setting—and shows how they help communities walk the tightrope between the chaos of too much freedom and the sterility of too much control. Scholars studying the commons can learn from moderation, and so can policy-makers debating the regulation of online communities.


WP going backwards

I can’t be bothered to do updates so I installed the Beta tester plugin a long time ago. Every night the blog updates to whatever the latest alpha/beta is. And overnight the blog reverted from 4.2-whatever to 4.1.1 which is annoying.

Google says I am a spammer

Reading this article on Google’s new CAPTCHA – and it’s associated privacy concerns and I see that very sadly it is now a required element to register at wordpress.org.
Since it started it has set me as a spammer. How so? I just tried to register a new account at wordpress.org and I entered the captcha text perfectly. It should have said I was not a robot but instead it shows me this:

It’s been the same since last December and I wait to see what happens when BT cycle my IP address. I am 100% sure Google will still say I am a spammer.

I bought Desk earlier. Oops.

and I have just requested a refund through the MAS.
Blogo was also at 50% off but it has so many “Coming Soon” features and “Coming Soon” = vaporware.
Desk looks nice but hell it’s confusing to use and I swear at some point the copied text looked like I’d just pasted from Microsoft Word. 

I’ll be sticking with Marsedit.

A barrier to blogging

I was toying with the idea of exporting this blog to become a Jekyll install but then I got to wondering just why I would do this:
+ it’s a new toy to play with
– you can’t upload images without opening another app / using an Automator script
– markdown. I have never understood the ‘why’ of markdown
– no way to password protect any posts
– from a previous experiment with it I found it slow
so I decided not to.
That got me to wondering why I don’t blog as much as I used to.

I do not now have a FB account and will not return again. (so if work decided to use the FB chat app I’d be out of luck. I’d far rather use encrypted chat and I’d never trust anything Zuckerberg touched). I do not use twitter at all now even just to read though my three accounts are still there. So why don’t I blog?
I pondered a few reasons but the one that stood out was the obstacle of getting to the blog post screen. I use Duo Security 2 factor auth to protect the blog login and because of my habit of clearing all Firefox data on quit I have to use this every time to login. It’s a great plugin, never given me any concern and I recommend it but that delay is the obstacle. Go to URL, login, click, wait, auth, get to Post screen. I do not want any delay for any reason. Once I realised that I also realised I own the solution: Marsedit.

So that’s why the uptick over the last few days. It’s not because I’m not at work, it’s because Marsedit is open in the Dock. There is no obstacle to saying what I want when I want. I never have done the draft thing with posts where I write, edit and refine posts and I never will.

This also applies to the blog at edwardsnowden.rocks as I can now post news articles more frequently there. It does not apply to omgwtflolbbq as everything there is sent in by email already.

GPL laziness

In far far too many code downloads is this nonsense:

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

“Write to” – really? So you want to generate work for others?

Include the whole damn license – The file size overhead is not going to be an issue. – and/or link to the exceptionally well known websites that list the full GPL version you want to use.

Asking people to “write to” is lazy. Very lazy.

(FWIW I found this in a plugin downloaded from wordpress.org. Trust me, they can afford the space for the whole GPL txt file with every plugin.)