Israel is still wrong

First of all, Benjamin Netanyahu said he couldn’t talk to Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas because he didn’t also represent Hamas.

Then when Abbas formed a unity government, Netanyahu said he couldn’t talk to Abbas because he had unified himself with the “terrorist” Hamas.

Now he says he can only talk to him if he breaks with Hamas – even though he won’t then represent Hamas.

Netanyahu is a murderer, a war criminal.

If you believe different then killing so many civilians must be okay, yes?


Israel will reap what it sows and if you think there will be peace you need your head felt.

Twisted US sentencing

It’s time for the judge to pass sentence. Andrew will go to federal prison for 41 months. After that, there will be three years of supervised release. There’s a fine, too – $73,000 restitution to be paid to AT&T.

Afterwards, Andrew’s friends point out that on this same day two teenage football stars convicted of drugging and raping a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio – videotaping her and urinating on her – are receiving sentences of one and two years.

Security alert: notes from the frontline of the war in cyberspace [Guardian.]

Category is USA-WTF

Action film star Steven Seagal, who racks up big body counts in his on-screen battles with bad guys, took on a new role on Saturday, training posse volunteers for controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in how to use guns to protect schools in shooting incidents. Reuters

Iowa. Pathetic.

“Her boss found her too irresistible. He complained that if she saw his pants bulging, she was dressing inappropriately. He texted to ask how frequently she experienced orgasm. He said that, for a woman with a body like hers, not to have sex often was like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.

Then, after 10 years of employing her, he fired her. ”

U.S. kill lists

“We can’t possibly kill everyone who wants to harm us,” a senior administration official said. “It’s a necessary part of what we do. .?.?. We’re not going to wind up in 10 years in a world of everybody holding hands and saying, ‘We love America.’ ”
via Plan for hunting terrorists signals U.S. intends to keep adding names to kill lists – The Washington Post.

It’ll take 20 years then?

Do they not realise that they are reaping what they have sown and they will continue to do so?


A death row prisoner who has been medically diagnosed as “mentally retarded” and therefore exempt from execution is set to die on Tuesday in Texas, a state that rejects scientific consensus and instead applies its own definition of learning difficulties based on a character in a John Steinbeck novel.
The Guardian

This is also the state that elected George W. Bush as Governor.

The post category USA-WTF has never been more appropriate.