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PC World (yet again)

The Daily Mail (I read it to see just how much they have stolen from reddit) has a story about PC World. This quote is too much to ignore: ‘Great customer service is at the heart of everything we do.’ Bullshit.

I’ve posted about them a few times – 1, 2, 3, 4 but the best post judging by 114 comments was this one – PC World – Lying f*cking muppets

And I have not been in there for years now.

An email problem

I cannot send email from my address to my wife’s at It fails with “retry timeout exceeded”. How to fix? She also cannot send email to me Yes she can. Mine is hosted here, her’s with Google Apps. Her (only with priority 0) mx record points at Google.

I can send to her from my email. It’s only my own address. Mail servers seem to have a language all of their own. It’s hardly vital but it’s bugging me why it fails.

A Bike Headlight

When I biked to work and back every day I had one headlight. But I had 2 backlights, 1 reflector and 2 red flashing LED lights attached to my backpack. I figured that my front light was pretty bright and I could see where I was going. I took a lot of care in the dark. And the reason I was lit up like a christmas tree on the back was because I don’t trust car drivers at all. I’d be amazed if any cyclist does. I wanted them to be in no doubt at all that there was something in front of them. So this light looks good but it won’t stop you being hit from the back. Kickstarter: A Bike Headlight To End All Bike Headlights.

Oh, and roundabouts? Totally avoided, went on the footpath around it.

One more step away from G

NewsGator just let FeedDemon and NetNewsWire be free. No ‘lite’ versions, fully free.
There were a couple of programs I really missed from Windows and FeedDemon was one. I forget just why NNW did not appeal, but the cost was one aspect. I’d already bought FD so paying made my judgement harsher. But now it’s free.
The shared items bit in Google Reader I do not like. There is the whole privacy thing with Google. There is also the fact that this astronomically rich company provide absolutely useless support – like trying to make stone sweat blood. I use gmail and google reader. Having NNW free means I can move feed reading away from Google. It also means I have just one app for feeds and podcasts.
The data that Google take in return from this being free is what Newsgator now get. I trust them more.

Open another browser?

Is there a way to open another browser from in the default browser?

Example: Firefox is my default. I want to create some links that when clicked will open the target site in Camino. I can’t see a way to right-click and choose Camino. I can’t see a way to use anything similiar to mailto: and right now copy/paste seems the way and I’d really like to avoid that. Actually, I could switch the default browser but that really would be a PITA given the use of Firefox which would continue when using Camino. (I say Camino but I mean any other browser, I’m not fussy)
Anyone know of a way?

Not buying a Netgear.

I have a NetgearDG834PN – a wireless modem/router. It’s okay, it works, doesn’t get overly hot (unlike the Belkins I’ve owned) and at some point since getting the PS3 I’d read that they don’t play nice. I was being signed out of the PSN constantly and the download speeds were terrible. Couple of days ago I was having more connection problems than I wanted so I rang Zen. Turned out my wiring was slightly off and in the end the wired and wireless experience was almost identical.
After watching Casino Royale (on Blu-ray, so the PS3) I sat back with the laptop. Same distance from the Netgear as when I talked to Zen. I could barely ping the router. Rebooted router, restarted machine, network settings, renewed lease – did everything. Then I saw the disconnected PS3 controller. So I hooked that back to the PS3 and instantly the signal improved. I could get the net but it wasn’t that quick. So I turned the PS3 off – and it all got even better. I tried several settings in the PS3 Network menu and nothing would improve matters. Checking the Sony forums found lots of people with the same situation and both Netgear and Sony were doing nothing. So, some choices:
– stick with what I have
– buy a long cable to wire it up (about 20ft)
– buy something that does not have “Netgear” written on it.

At the end of January Linksys will be getting some of my money. I’ll stick until then and cable doesn’t appeal so much (why are the necessary sockets always on the other side of a room and there is a doorway involved?). I can’t game online unless I’ve got a better connection and the problems would explain some (but not all) of the Ridge Racer problems I’ve had). Actually, I’ll post to the Zen forums and see what is recommended there – it may well not be Linksys. I’ll not be buying a Netgear again though.