The annual Godsquad Day

And the religious leaders trot out their usual crap about how we should live more frugally, less materialistically and that we should embrace our differences. They’ll be the same leaders that live in relative opulence in their ivory towers.

Oh ffs just fuck off.

How on earth anyone can believe in this made up thing called “God” is utterly beyond me.

How do religious people on Github justify
“Could not replicate. Invalid”
with their belief in a sky wizard?

Get a grip people.

There is no God.

You are born, you live, you die. That’s it. Deal with it.

The Pope is wrong! GASP!

“If my good friend Doctor Gasparri [who organises the Pope’s trips] speaks badly of my mother, he can expect to get punched,” he said, throwing a pretend punch at the doctor, who was standing beside him.

Fair enough – the Pope’s mother is real. She existed.

“You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others. There is a limit.”

Of course you can. If you decide to believe in a God (or as is more likely you were indoctrinated as a child who was taught about God before you were taught about Right and Wrong) then fine for you. As someone who does not believe in YOUR god of course I can mock, provoke and ignore. Just like YOU ignore all the other gods from other religions because hey, they are WRONG and you are RIGHT, yes?

Religion is madness for the masses.

There are no gods. Accept it.

Take responsibility for yourself.

Kill them then

“You’re fighting people who love death more than you love life.”

So drop nukes on them. Give them death. Let them die thinking their “imaginary friend” will give them their 72 virgins. Or just send female pilots so they don’t even get that.

There is no reason at all for these people to stay alive. None. They want death? Give it to them. Now. Kill them.

It makes sense.

And hey, then Obama and Cameron would have their names in history because right now they’ve done fuck all.

Israel is still wrong

First of all, Benjamin Netanyahu said he couldn’t talk to Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas because he didn’t also represent Hamas.

Then when Abbas formed a unity government, Netanyahu said he couldn’t talk to Abbas because he had unified himself with the “terrorist” Hamas.

Now he says he can only talk to him if he breaks with Hamas – even though he won’t then represent Hamas.

Netanyahu is a murderer, a war criminal.

If you believe different then killing so many civilians must be okay, yes?


Israel will reap what it sows and if you think there will be peace you need your head felt.