Missing the vote

If there is a General Election I stay up all night watching the news channels as the results roll in. If there is a swathe of local elections I’ll do the same. Politics is important stuff. And now I realise that the single most important vote here in the UK in my voting lifetime will take place when I am in the USA.

I can’t vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum and it’s not my place to say which result I would prefer but it will be a fascinating spectacle on TV and I will not be able to watch. Damn damn damn. Not like I can ask the wife to record it either is it?



Regarding the video of the killing:

The Metropolitan Police warned that “viewing, downloading or disseminating” the video might be an offence under terrorism legislation.

I’ve seen it.
I am not a terrorist.
And threatening people that the simple act of viewing a video is an offence? Where next? Where do the police draw the line? Where posh lad Cameron says?
This is Censorship through fear.


Simmonds has come into the spotlight by resigning on the pretext that his total salary and expenses as an MP in 2012-13 of 271,000 pounds – including a 25,000 for his “secretary” wife and 32,500 in rental allowance – were not enough for him to be able to live a family life in London. This man voted for the benefit cap that limits the total income of families on benefits to 26,000 pounds – that is under ten per cent of the amount which is inadequate for his family to live on. These bastards really do live in another world.
Craig Murray

Emily Benn

Emily Benn: What I can offer British politics
Oh look, grabbing onto coattails…

>> People might ask how I can know anything about ‘the real world’
You don’t. You are only 24.

>> I get up and go to work every day (in the private sector).

>> And right now I am using the very same NHS hospitals as you would, while I accompany my mother to appointments in her cancer battle.
That’ll be the very well funded cancer treatments then. Try getting treatment for a not so trendy disease.

>> (has anyone tried to call Vodafone customer services lately? It literally drives me to tears).
Oh FFS. That proves you have no idea about the NHS.

>> I work in the City for an investment bank
Which also proves you have no clue at all about actual life.

>> Emily Benn is contesting Croydon South for Labour in May 2015.
I am a member of the Labour Party. This girl – girl – does not deserve to win.

Labour again

Rejoined the Labour Party. I still have my doubts about Ed M and do not find him inspiring at all but I do believe the country needs to get rid of the current govt so every advert will help.
I had joined Left Unity as they were more socialist but I quit them because of their position on quotas. They believe that a set number of seats on their committees should be reserved for women. I believe that the best person for the job should get the job regardless of any other factor. I simply do not understand why you would say No to a better qualified person and give it to someone less qualified just because they are of one sex or the other. It makes no sense to me. If you want to succeed you pick the best don’t you?

I am debating joining a Union too. Not for any work reasons but as another way of supporting the Labour movement.

Some words on news

Mr. Cutts of Google says it is impossible for the company to respond individually to every Web site owner with a question, because of sheer scale; there are 240 million domain names and people search Google more than 3.3 billion times a day.
Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites – NYTimes.com.

What has the number of domain names and number of searches got to do with Google not having a Support department? The two are not related.

In news about that other company I don’t like I really hope Apple get hit extremely hard by the UK judges. Their moving of the judgement is scummy. As a (now deleted) comment there said yesterday there is not a monitor in the world big enough to display that text without scrolling. And related – I watched as that thread was moderated – don’t those HN mods just love Apple.