We need a British Syriza

Anti-austerity party Syriza has won a clear victory in Greece’s general election. 

The result is being closely watched outside Greece, where it is believed a Syriza victory could encourage radical leftist parties across Europe. BBC

What a pity that all we have here is the millionaire ‘never done a day’s honest work in his life’ spoilt kid “Red” – yeah right – Ed in charge of our so-called left wing. He should be ashamed to call himself Labour.

Deluded like Ed.

“Ed Miliband “absolutely” sees a prime minister when he looks in the mirror in the morning, he says.” BBC

Yeah, and I see a ripped, totally sane guy with chiselled looks when I look in the mirror.

Difference is if I told the world they’d say I was a nutter.


Russell Brand is a

He told Evan Davis: “I don’t want to look at a graph, mate. I ain’t got time for a bloody graph… This is the kind of stuff that people like you use to confuse people like us.”


So Russell Brand is too stupid to understand a graph? Or does he just act like a window-licker to try and garner votes for the “revolution”?

Nope. The simple fact is that this guy is a phag*.

Believe him and you need locking up as well.

Red Ed has to go

Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour party is under renewed pressure as sources close to Johann Lamont, who dramatically quit as Scottish leader on Saturday, claimed he banned her for a year from condemning the bedroom tax while he made his mind up on it.

What the hell? There was never, even for a minute, anything remotely close to ANY justification for the bedroom tax. That Ed wanted to ponder for WHOLE DAMN YEAR just shows how incompetent this wanker is.

I do not believe in Ed Milliband’s version.

The corrupt French

The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Union’s budget because the economy has performed better than expected in recent years.

Under the new calculations, the UK and the Netherlands are both being asked to pay more, while France and Germany are both set to receive rebates.

Sooner we get out the damn EU the better. That France are paying less just cannot be a surprise – there is a higher chance that turkeys would vote for Christmas.

Why should the UK stay in a corrupt club that for the 19th year in a row cannot get their accounts approved?