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19:37 Fri 6 Jul 2018

What does the NHS need to survive for another 70 years?

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Less fucking managers. That’s what.


I started in the NHS in 1985.
There was a Charge Nurse (think Matron if you want), then a Manager of the hospital wards, then the manager of the hospital, then a Manager of the local Health Service, then a Regional Manager and then the Health Secretary.

The fucking tories and their bastard Trust system happened.

We had managers for managers, secretaries for secretaries and VERY certainly in Learning Disability Services in Leicestershire career managers who would fly in, build a house of cards and then quit just before the collapse.

We had managers like Elaine Moore who were just terrible on an epic scale.

Every management layer sought to insulate it from ANY event by demanding more secretaries, more sub-managers, “team leads” and all manner of other jargon to save themselves and their pension.

Want to save the NHS?

Sack 90% of the fucking management structure.

17:58 Fri 30 Jan 2015

Frustrating Healthcare in Leics

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It’s been just over a week since my wife was discharged from hospital.

Number of times a Physiotherapist has contacted us or called round: None
Number of times an Occupational Therapist has done the same: None
Same for the Multiple Sclerosis Nurses: None
District Nurses: Twice (but only because I refused to do her daily injection until they did proper Pressure area care)
Pain Management? No.
Social Services? Nope, none of them either
Any other NHS professionals? No

We do get 2 carers who call in 3 times a day for personal care. They are great. This care is ‘free’ for 6 weeks (from some arbitrary point we have been unable to determine – fall? or the discharge) after which we have to pay.

J’s left leg is the broken one. It’s always been hardest hit by the MS. The MS Nurse should know this so why has she not told the physio to concentrate on the right leg? No idea.
Why has the OT not visited to assess the home environment?
Why is my wife still struggling with pain?
What is the point of Social Services?
What really is the point of a Multiple Sclerosis Nurse? (Answer? NONE)

It is hugely frustrating here right now. As far as the NHS is concerned a target was hit – a ‘broken hip’ was discharged home within the allotted time frame. And now no-one in the NHS gives a flying fuck about anything.

And there is so little we can do. We have to accept whatever we are given.

Right now the ‘free care’ will disappear and then what? We have absolutely no idea at all.

Can someone please kill Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron? That might get some motivation going – assassinations should make a comeback. (Yes, that is an incitement to violence. Sue me).

18:52 Tue 6 Jan 2015

NHS Top Tip

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Check whoever answers the phone on a ward can speak English and be understood.


And if someone could shoot Jeremy Hunt that would be great. That guy has not a single fucking clue. (Bonus points for every other member of this Tory bastard Govt).

12:57 Thu 16 Oct 2014

More MS incompetence

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I made a complaint online about the MS care we are not getting.
I made this complaint at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust website as that is the place that employs these (alleged) MS Nurses.
I just got a phone call. That trust had said “Nothing to do with us” and passed it on to another NHS Trust in Leicester. I gave names and details to the lady who called and she said Yes, I had made the complaint in the right place and that the UHL Trust had got it wrong. She will pass it back and tell them that they need to deal with this.

Clueless. And in charge of the UHL Trust? This bunch. They must be so proud.

Chairman & Chief Executive

John Adler – Chief Executive John Adler
Karamjit Singh (Chairman) Karamjit Singh CBE

Non Executive Directors

Colonel (retired) Ian Crowe
Prakash Panchal
Jane Wilson
Prof. David Wynford thomas
Sarah Dauncey
Martin Traynor OBE

Executive Board Directors

Dr Kevin Harris
Richard Mitchell – Chief Operating Officer
Rachel Overfield – Chief Nurse


Moira Durbridge
Kate Bradley
Nigel Brunskill – Director of Research and Development
Sharron Hotson
Carole Ribbins
Stephen Ward
Kate Shields – Director of Strategy
Mark Wightman

– And just as I post this I get another call from the UHL saying the email sent to that other Trust was an error, it is being investigated and that this is all logged in the system. That a computer is involved is meant to make me feel better? …… ffs

09:23 Tue 14 Oct 2014

@Leics_hospital have no damn clue

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23:08 Mon 13 Oct 2014

A week after the first tweet ….

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useless NHS

The NHS in Leicester is crap. Must make John Adler and Karamjit Singh so very proud to be in charge of this pile of crap. (Still, one of them got a CBE for the bullshit the place must have spouted).

15:41 Sat 5 Jul 2014

There is no NHS

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If you are still under the illusion that the NHS is A Good Thing that can only mean that you have never had to use it and really need it.

The Tories fucked the NHS and the Labour kept banging away too.

If you believe in the NHS then hope and pray that you will not need it – because it will not be there for you.

00:27 Thu 14 Mar 2013

NHS Secrets

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BBC News – NHS “gagging clauses” banned by health secretary.
Sounds good, is bollocks. They’ll just use regular patient confidentiality reasons to make sure people keep their mouths shut. “culture of openness and transparency” – ha ha ha.

The NHS is already broken, we all know that. And if you don’t? You are lucky because you haven’t actually needed it have you. Yet.

17:56 Fri 27 Apr 2012


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My GP surgery is now part of This disgusts me. The fact that my health and that of my family will put money into the pocket of Richard Branson makes me very very angry. In case you think this guy has anyone’s interests at heart but his you need to read and understand this post:

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