Screw it.

All these people who have chosen a random night to decide to “do things”. Why? If you couldn’t be arsed to make a change a week ago why do you think you’ll have made and stuck with the change in a week? If you are going to do it, do it. The day shouldn’t matter and if getting drunk was a factor in your decision then you are sad and shallow.

Modern Warfare 2. If I can get Wireshark working I’ll see just how real an article on modifying packets is. Yesterday D and I were playing Team Deathmatch. One guy we were both emptying full clips into and he wasn’t dying. But he and another guy could kill us with one shot. Not a headshot, just one shot. Add into that some ridiculous speeds and it made for a massively frustrating couple of games before we both quit. Dying because I’m having a bad game is one thing, but standing within feet of the player, aim doesn’t waver outside the body and I’ve got Stopping Power Pro and a whole clip I send into him – and he just swings round and takes me out?

Still, as with just about everything..

The world's airline industry is urging …

The world’s airline industry is urging the UK government to abandon a rise in air passenger duty, which would mean long-haul flight prices rising.
and the argument is:

Julia Simpson, head of corporate communications at British Airways, said: “It is a crazy tax that the government should scrap.
“A family of four travelling to Australia is going to be facing a bill of £340 before they have set foot on the plane and paid for their tickets.”

I costed a family of 4 at British Airways and for the cheapest flights the cost is £ 2,780.40. Add to that transport, food, somewhere to stay, tourist stuff, drinks etc and I certainly don’t think an extra £340 is asking too much. Not at all.

A while ago I saw a consultant rheumatol…

A while ago I saw a consultant rheumatologist for the pain in my right hand and he said it was rsi, nothing can be done etc. He discharged me back to my GP. All expected, nothing wrong there. I got sent a copy of the discharge letter today. I am described as “a pleasant 44 year old gentleman”. That sentence makes me feel very very old.

On the desk I have 3 different inhalers,…

On the desk I have 3 different inhalers, a peak flow meter (I’m between normal and 150 down) and I’m on day 5 of steroids. Yet for no reason and with no warning I seem to lose half my lungs. I literally cannot breathe in beyond a certain point. Up to that point is fine. No wheezing, no warning, just shut down.
No asthma nurse, dr appt again on friday.

Ever been mid-yawn and been unable to finish it? You have that odd feeling/sensation and there is that need to get the yawn, to complete it? That’s what I am like constantly. The ability to take a full lungful of air has just about gone but this extra stopping is worrying. Haven’t been this concerned about my asthma for years, many years.

It’s not the heat – it’s been coming on for a few weeks. And I’m not cyanotic at all.

It’s very very strange and very unwelcome. And breathing is a very tiring business indeed.

The diet continues. As of this morning I…

The diet continues. As of this morning I have lost 15kg / 33lb. Which is nice. I thought when I got to this weight (85kg) I though I’d feel better and I would have the body I wanted. I do feel better but the bod is not yet there. It’ll never be sculpted, honed and bronzed but it isn’t quite right. I thought this when I got to 90kg. So now I’m aiming for 80kg. When I get there I will buy some new clothes. I’m re-discovering ones that did not fit before but I do need some new stuff.

In other news…. Burnout Paradise is now completely completed. Still play though because it’s an amazing game. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is a pile of steaming skank. Just bought CoD4 on the PS3 and need to remember to try Team Fortress (I have it in the Orange Box).

Like the theme?

I joined the Labour Party today. It's r…

I joined the Labour Party today.
It’s really easy for the smug Tories to have a pop at the govt right now just as it was for New Labour to act that way back in 1997. Of course some are smug, some realistic and some just plain childish but that says more about them than their party. So why join?
It is a case of putting money where my mouth is to be honest. I do not believe in the core values of the Conservatives. Those smug Tories now can be quiet because I lived through Thatcher’s time – I have seen what those values are and I do not like. And when those smug Tories say “Ah but it’s not like that now” they will be the same ones who in 1997 said that New Labour had sold out to get into power. Anyway, I do not like what they stand for. There is only one Conservative MP I admire – Anne Widdecombe.
There are several Labour MP’s I admire – Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Frank Field, Gordon Brown, John Prescott. I am perfectly aware these are Old Labour but if their values persist – which I believe they do – then they are values I share, they are values I want to see used, supported and if my joining and paying a few £ a month helps then all is good. Giving time may be involved, not sure about that yet for practical reasons. And it is not that I am joining because I think Prescott threw a great punch at that guy or that Frank Field should have been listened to more. It is because I believe that what Labour stands for is right. You have to take the long view and for me the Left offers me for us than the Right. (and no, the Centre doesn’t work for me. Pick a side..)

Apparently I can make a blog at the Labour site. I’ll pass on that one :)

Wherever you are sitting, really slump f…

Wherever you are sitting, really slump forwards. Get a really horrible scrunched up posture – and then breathe in. That’s how I am. Not slumped, but that’s as much as I can breathe in most of the time. Over the last few weeks I’ve had this effect come and go. I was being good with my inhalers anyway but they weren’t helping. Not a full asthma attack but it feels like the start of one.
Then toward and over the weekend it got worse. Saturday got really close to me wanting / needing to go to casualty and felt very odd when at one point I broke out in a sweat all over. But then it calmed down a bit. So one breath in several dozen is okay, the rest not. Pulse is okay. It’s very odd and may well not be asthma but whatever it is the worry level isn’t going down. And you probably have no idea how tiring breathing actually is.

Burnout Paradise idiots

I’m sure this is the case for every online game.

To get a gold paint finish on a car you have to have completed a pile of trophies. That’s getting between A and B really fast, doing stunts, finding billboards etc. And Paradise City is not small.
In short, to get to gold you have to have shown you have a clue and some ability to point a car in the right direction. So wtf are people in gold cars doing getting lost? They always pick the gold F1 car, they cannot do tricks, they do not help with timed challenges and are a monumental PITA. Gold F1 car? My game? Kicked.
If someone with a couple of hundred challenges completed decides to take me down I’m not hugely bothered. I’ll take them down at some point (unless they do it twice in which case I’m happy to race round the map til I get them), but new kids doing it? No.way. A few recently have cost everyone challenges and I am happily one of those that will hunt and take them down time after time until they get the message they are not wanted. Bullying? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit. It’s a competitive world out there.
But what is odd about the gold cars is that while idiots drive them I have yet to see a clueless driver behind the wheel of a platinum car. There is not a huge difference between the 2 in trophies so either there is a cheat (Criterion state there are none, but there is a challenge glitch) or people are getting the gold and giving it to their clueless brother. Or maybe the Platinum doesn’t have the bling factor. The glitch – someone appears to be still, is ‘in’ the challenge but completes nothing, moves nowhere. After an indeterminate period the challenge completes when it should not have done. Seen this happen many times.
BP is still an amazing game though even after 200+ hours playing.

I should start playing Team Fortress online and see how many times the n00b me gets taken out by a headshot :)