A question

You discover you have a problem with a commercial product. You contact the creators and over 2 weeks, 17 emails, multiple restarts, logging, changing what starts at boot, timing startup and more you are told that something might have been found. Then silence. Then a new commercial version launches several months later. Would you expect an email saying Thanks? Would you buy the new version?


I’m sure since the last OS X Lion Service Pack (I forget what the slick Apple term is for “here’s a shedload more code to fix stuff” is) that the kernel_task process just takes off on it’s own. 40% CPU? 800mb RAM? Sure, help yourself. It must be very important it’s job whatever it is otherwise Apple wouldn’t let it work this way would they? Between it and mdworker it’s amazing that anything else runs. It is supremely annoying to have other processes judder to a halt because of this.