Gabe Newell hates you

Help Desk Error

Steam servers are under maintenance. Normal operations will resume shortly. Thank you for your patience.

This has been ongoing for HOURS. I have been locked out of my Steam account for HOURS.
Because Gabe Newell can’t see that Support matters.
He gets richer, you get no games.
Now, why should he care?

Valve and no Support

Fawning response from someone on reddit to the fact that the CEO of Valve replied to any email. The images are here. One of note is the second image – “At the end of the day, everyone here at Valve is in support”. 

Anyone familiar with Steam Support knows they send canned replies, that replies can take weeks and weeks which has to mean that in this company where apparently you work on what you want that no-one wants to work in Support (note – I use a capital S).

The best response in the reddit thread is this one:

“Don’t forget though, Gaben has the power to make Steam Support better but chooses not to.” 

and that he chooses not to tells you all you need to know about his attitude to the users of his service and the people that make him so much money.

@Ubisoft Support

I have a problem with my account. I used Ubisoft’s Support. I explained the issue in great detail. This is the reply I got:

In order for me to look into your issue and to identify your account, could you please send me a digital image of a CD which is registered to the account in question.

How the fuck can I send a “digital image of a CD” when I buy digital games?

You can tell the people at Ubisoft who work in their Support. They have low foreheads, scabbed knuckles, they drool and are incapable of independent thought.

I will never again buy a product of theirs and at every opportunity I will slam them. (I have more opportunity than they might appreciate).

Ubisoft. Fucking idiots.