Before there were 4 humans and 2 dogs living here. The hierarchy was fairly stable. But then eldest moved out and youngest went on holiday for 2 weeks. Storm – who is now 2 – saw a vacancy in the hierarchy so his behaviour has changed. Problem is it seems he is vying for position #2 in the house. In those two weeks we saw increased territorial behaviour and both dogs bark more. Youngest has come back – her Uni results are days away – so for now and with eldest visiting fairly often the behaviour can be ameliorated simply with their presence. But we can see what will happen when youngest moves out, when we are back to 2 humans, 2 dogs.
So we will have to put Storm back in his place and for him that is at the bottom of the food chain. Humans are #1 and #2, Winston is #3 and the little one (Storm – who is little by comparison to a Great Dane but is still bigger than a fully grown lab) is #4. Not entirely sure how we will do this but it has to be done.