X2.io sold

I was emailed last week about selling my x2.io domain. All has been agreed and the process of transferring the domain to the new owner will start this week.

But I do like having a short domain for playing with stuff I find. Things like bookmark managers, pastebin, encrypted this and that, screenshots and more. So I bought http://x2.lol to replace the old domain.

Now to find more interesting stuff to play with on there.

When Success means Failure

I got two emails yesterday from Namecheap. There was one for each domain and they both took this exact form:

Dear Mark,

This notice is to inform you that one of your domains is expiring
soon. When a domain name expires, you will experience an interruption in service on your website, email and any other associated services. Renew your domain as soon as possible to avoid any issues with your website or email.

Details of the domain are provided below.

Domain Name : domain.com
Registered on : 10/28/2006
Registered for : 8 year(s)
Expires on : 10/28/2014
Days to Expire : 1

Click the following link to renew


** Auto-Renewal Information **

I read the email and thought “Okay, so it was going to expire but it has been auto-renewed”. I knew there was cash in my Namecheap account so I thought nothing more.

Today I get two emails from Namecheap. There was one for each domain and they both took this exact form:

Dear Mark,

This notice is to inform you that one of your domains has expired. Please act fast and reactivate the domain as soon as possible.

Details of the domain are provided below.

Domain Name : domain.com
Registered on : 10/28/2006
Registered for : 8 year(s)
Expired on : 10/28/2014

Yesterday’s email said the auto-renewal was SUCCESS but today the domain has expired?

I try their Live Support.
Apparently the SUCCESS means that sending me the email to remind me was a SUCCESS.
I’m told that auto-renewal was not ON so they could not have been renewed.
So why did Namecheap use the word SUCCESS?
I have no idea but apparently it’s my fault.

Oddly though I have no idea why.

I have 2 .io domains with Gandi.net so maybe I should move there.

Selling domains

I have some domains which were bought with bright ideas which never left the fertilised status. So rather than sit on them any longer and instead of letting them lapse because I think the names aren’t actually that bad I have listed them through Sedo. I did debate just putting them for sale but if you give me money and I transfer the domain then what is stopping you from claiming the money back for some spurious reason? I didn’t want to find out the hard way.

aphotoblog.com (also have the .net and .org)
This was meant to be exactly what it says. I did start it but like so many things I stopped.

contentnotstyle.com (also the net / org)
The Bloggies and similar annoy me. They are all about eye candy. There might be a blog there that does good writing but once it gets to voting it comes down to the lipstick and eyeshadow. I don’t give a crap what a blog looks like and some of the best I read are ugly so what I wanted to do was highlight some blogs where the content was excellent but it may not be pretty. This was linked to the next domain:

feedies.com (ditto org/net)
If you read a blog in a reader then the theme doesn’t matter. And if you want to read really good blogs that are not in the top 500 at any aggregator site then you need to hunt. Idea was people submitted their top real blog reads. Real meaning a one person blog, never in any top anything, just damn good reading.

fleshpress.com (as above)
Back in 2005 Jennifer noticed that many porn blogs were using her themes and in some cases badly. So we would make their theme, install the blog and get everything up and running for them. That was the idea anyway. I think life overtook us both. There is a band called Fleshpress so maybe they’ll want it.

thebestinblogs.com (yep, net / org too)
Bought on a whim, would be really good as an aggregator site. I imagine that a content scraper could have a good time with these. No time to devote to getting it off the ground.

The positive is that each name has the com / net / org
The negative is there is no history, no PR, no linkage at all (apart from the above). Not that this is so bad though.
If they sell I’ll buy a gadget or two. If they don’t – they are on auto-renew so now worries there.

Moving the db.

It was in Jan 2008 that I moved from tamba2 to 69105 and I also changed some IM details back then. And today I did it again. Domain, IM, twitter. Why? No reason really except that this domain name is way better than 69105. I’ve had it for 2 years, just not stuck a site on it before.

The theme is exactly what I wanted and can be found at Revolution2.

Some older images will be too wide but I’m looking into a solution there.

So if you do read the stuff I write, update your bookmarks.

What to do…

In this post I name the person that a WHOIS returns as the owner of a splog domain. Here are the emails:

Me: http://ideahustle.com
Why are you stealing?

Him: I’m sorry, what?
That hasn’t been my domain for several years now.

M: “Several years”
It was created 1 year ago.
Whatever, I’ll report the domain as being falsely registered which will remove it for longer.

H: it looks like the domain is down anyway but have at it. I’ll let the guy I sold it too know what’s up.

So he is saying it is not his. But the WHOIS does. So should I believe him and remove his name from that post, or call him a liar by leaving it there? I can’t prove it either way and neither can he – the only evidence is the one thing.
My options:
1. Remove the whole post. This is not a choice I will make.
2. Remove his name. Possibly.
3. Add ‘allegedly’ in strategic places to that entry.

No idea yet.
(And I have no clue how to report false registration details. I just lobbed it in there).

Minus several, plus one.

Too many domains and not the one I want. So I try emailing the people who do have the domain I want and get no reply. I note they removed their contact info from the ad-laden page at the domain. So my hopes are low. I head off to Namecheap and rashly buy the .us version and then realise that a country which has every which way of finding out anything will not let me hide my identity using Whoisguard.
It’s not that I’m nuts about privacy because there are plenty enough clues in this blog to lead you to my front door, but I’m not having a call with a “Hey I’ve a problem with my blog…”. I could fake the telephone / address / name etc but that’s no solution really. So the .us domain will sit there for 12 months, go into redemption and then be freed. I’ll not use it.
I grabbed another domain though – have too many so buy yet another .. there’s no logic at all there – and that will be used for what Scuttle is currently used for. I keep trying to make changes to scuttle and it keeps breaking so the /s directory will go as I move things away. I did install gelato first but then adding a first entry blanked it and I needed to reinstall. Halfway through that I figured that was enough hassle and maybe something so young wasn’t for me right then. So I have WP installed instead. As I would.

So I have several domains for sale. 3 of which are the com/net/org for the name. 1 is suitable for porn (I think), the others…. they were for a project that I wanted to launch, I paid for the code and then that person promptly screwed me over by not delivering. Nice. It’s not even hard code. If the urge to do the project strikes again before I get an offer (IF I get an offer) I’ll see what I can do. All it consists of is inserting data into a db. That’s it. The getting out in some sort of order would be nice but that comes at the end. Well.. it’s not quite that easy but it’s not far off.
So the domains all redirect to shimmerstudio and I wait to see what happens. I reckon people will go to url’s they want as much as trawl any of the ‘domains for sale’ sites – maybe I should list them somewhere…

Waiting on a domain

You know those domains that just sit there with a few ads on and a ‘Why am I seeing this site?’ or ‘This domain is for sale’, well I had an idea about 3 weeks ago, found that the name was in just such a case so I hit the link and asked about it’s price. I’ve heard nothing yet….. annoying. It was a personal site before. The domain has no history for a year, no PR, no alexa information, no incoming links. So it can’t be stacks of cash – which I wouldn’t pay anyway – and unfortunately the .net address has gone. Either would have done. The .com expires in September so I could always try then I suppose.
You’d think if they said it was for sale that they’d answer their email…

What I did today

Meant to use these things to diary stuff….sometimes.
So… attic conversion for ‘storage’ continues. Not our house but we need the space. And as ‘storage’ it’s cheap. And it saves bothering the council. And I really shouldn’t blog that. Bah.
The butterfly picture alone with a load more taken on a really long walk while the carpets were cleaned. That was after the TV guy came round and quote £366 for a new aerial and amp/booster to power 6 TV’s (not that we will use 6, but we have 5 that need a good signal). 2 more quotes will be got.
Really busy online so I got nothing done that I wanted to do today but I’ll hopefully make up for lost time tomorrow.
Did I mention I’ve restarted my blogger blog?
I found a use for podz.eu but I actually don’t know what to do with it. A google for ‘podz’ finds me at #1 but some commercial companies underneath. Not that I bought it to sell it but I’m stuck for what to do… here is here, planetpodz will be a ‘work’ site, freshlypressed is where it is, .net sits and does what it does, shimmer looks quiet and is far from it so what to do I have not the slightest clue. I actually wanted a big picture of an eye with a reflection but didn’t have the time to open PSPro and get frustrated.

Didn’t get to bed until ~2am last night after intending to finish early and watch Sleepers yet again. Can’t watch that on a monitor. It needs a slightly darkened room, perfect peace, no disturbances. Great film. But it’s tonight. It’s 11pm and it’s 2 hours long. I can still go bed early if I watch it. Which I’m going to do right now.