Quitting Kiva lending

According to my Kiva Lender page I signed up at Kiva in 2006. I don’t know when i actually started paying attention more but as of today I have made a fair number of loans.
It’s not spectacular but it’s been a steady rotation of money lent back out as it was repaid. Recently though I’ve been thinking more about the interest that people are having to pay on what I lend.

I did know that my Kiva lending was funding loans already made. I was okay with that even though this fact is less than clear on their site. What I was less clear about and was becoming more concerned with was the interest that people were having to pay. I couldn’t find that information. It was also concerning to me that I was seeing more loans for items that did not generate a profit – lending $25 to someone who will buy fishing gear to then sell more fish means they should be able to repay it. But a home improvement? Can they really afford the loan? What interest will they pay? While I accept the risk of default what happens to the person from the Kiva Lending Partner? Are they threatened? Doorstepped? Added to some Debtor list for evermore? I could not find out.

It was also bugging me that when you checkout Kiva automatically add their “cut” and you have to edit that to zero. How you did that changed a few times. They really pushed their “cut” at you I thought.

I just read this post: The Kiva Fairytale: It’s a microlending superstar – but who is it really serving? and found it unsettling. The financial aspects as I read pushed me very close to the “Okay, time to stop lending” line. And then I read about a connection between Kiva and Opus Dei. I find that horrendous. Even if all the financial matters were clear and up front that connection really does mean I have made my last ever Kiva loan.

Cult of Cruise

http:// www. tomcruise. com/
In the ‘Biography’ there is no mention of the Cult of scientology. Why ? Is he ashamed? Why would one of the top guys in the Cult not want to proclaim how wonderful it was and that people should sign up to the Cult of Scientology and give them all their money for lessons about whatever crap it is.
It also has autoplay music which puts it firmly in the same league as Myspace.
It also has flash
It also has frames
It degrades terribly.
Check the Source and the keywords.
Check the link at the bottom which says “Unsubscribe”. I didn’t know I had subscribed in the first place. Maybe I should give him by email just in case?

So it looks like crap and it’s about crap too. But you want to know what makes it totally the pits? It also has his smiling f*****g face.


Google-bomb Tom?

So apparently http:// tomcruise . com is going to arrive soon according to several sites. Hmm.

Anonymous asked people to use the words ‘dangerous cult’ and to link them to the scientology site. That Google bomb worked. Neat. True too. http://xenu.net ask that you link to them using that link but the word scientology which is also good. But the (silent! You must keep quiet!) birth of Tom “don’t call me toothy” Cruise’s site means the google bombing can start again. Thing is, what word to choose? Be interesting to see what Anonymous choose and indeed to link from here too – every link counts.

scientology needs Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham craves publicity – that has to be an accepted fact by now. She has no desire for privacy because she wants to be everywhere in that surgically enhanced body of hers. I would be amazed if she really did love David – he was just a route up for her. So.. they move to Los Angeles because she wants the publicity of the move, she wants a reality show, she wants to be seen with others who want to be seen because she draws life from the photographer’s lens.
The reality series isn’t going to happen – it’s going to be a one hour special. Given adverts it’ll weigh in at less that 50 minutes. Knock off the opening / end / break sequences and it’ll be even less. Bet that hurts. So.. she needs another plan and Mr Tom ‘curing the world with every toothy smile’ Cruise rides to her rescue.
Seems that Tom and Katie (where IS their daughter?) have buddied up to Victoria and David. Which can only go one way. Tom needs more high-profile victims for scientology and Victoria wants the massive coverage that would bring – imagine the headlines if David Beckham joined the cult. But will he? She can still join, the interest wanes, she then leaves, she then sells (ghost-written) book, does the round of interviews and then decides to become an unofficial “Clambake Queen“. If David refuses it’s more publicity, if he does it’s even more, if they leave then that publicity just keeps on coming.

There’s are some things to be envious of David Beckham for. His wife is not one of them.

(Don’t forget to watch the South Park episode Tom “call me Mr Tolerant” Cruise freaked over)

Scientology is NOT a religion

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Refuse any application submitted by the ‘Church’ of Scientology for recognition as a Religious Organisation.


Scientology is a cult.

Operation Clambake
Scientology at YTMND
Lisa McPherson: The Clearwater Police Department Files
Scientology at Chilling Effects

Adaptable silicon and plastic.

“Macs adapt to the way you live and work” (seen at Apple Hot News)
I’ll make it easy – give me ONE example of how my Mac will adapt to the way I live. Just one. That shouldn’t be too hard should it? Jeez…. it’s crap like this that actually puts me off this machine (which I am using for work) and reinforces the Cult of Apple.

Fanboys. Shoot them. All of them.

Job for the day – find a mac-compat kb that actually has working Home / End keys.

Days of Chunder

Looks like Tom ‘I’ve got a kid so I’m NOT GAY’ Cruise and his brainwashed companions now have a Scientology branded NASCAR.

A NASCAR spokesman told the newspaper while the car has “generated a lot of interest in the past few days … It’s not really something we want to comment on.” He called it “a minor league, small-team sponsorship deal.”

Race fans, let the couch-jumping begin.

Love that one :)

Dianetics has supported many winning teams…..even hot air ballooning

Heh, why is that just so in keeping with the Scientology nutcases?

T-Immaculate Molars-C does Beijing


Amazingly, that is a real website. The soon-to-be-certified girl has even bought www.mybigfatchineseweddingwithtomcruise.com it would seem. Alas poor Niki just does not realise that being shacked up with his current squeeze means that Tom “feeling the world’s pain with every grin” Cruise gets all the publicity that he needs.

But TOM !


Just think TOM…

You can make the WHOLE of China into Scientologists! What a challenge ! “The Little Tom Book” ! You wouldn’t have to swim the river like Chairman Mao, you could walk straight over it “! Such Power, such Influence and if we don’t obey your every toothy whim, you can make them all jump up and down and swamp us – the filthy unbelievers !
Tom – get in there mate – you know Ron would want you to ;)

Maybe I should buy “tom-curingtheworldwitheverysmile-cruise.com” – no-one else has yet :)

Tom Cruise officially an irritating shortarse

The BBC report a poll of movie fans carried out by Empire Magazine, and 10,000 people voted Tom “glint glint” Cruise to be the most irritating shortarse on the whole of the planet. According to one editor on said magazine the reason for this vote

“may be a knee-jerk reaction to his year in the spotlight”

Bollocks. It’s no knee-jerk reaction at all. Tom Cruise is irritating beyond measure. Nothing, nothing can be more irritating than the ultra-sound owning, definitely-not-gay-because-he’s-got-a-girlfriend, smile that’s brighter than a magnesium flare, curing the world with every sickening grin, scientology expounding psychiatry know-it-all. You know WHY he’s in the movies ? Because no-one would give him a job because he’s just too irritating to be around !

Tom – make us ALL love you. Get lost :)