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21:35 Wed 14 Nov 2018

Classic is back

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Found an archive of my old tamba2 site, and in that archive was this – one of the first themes to ship with WordPress.

9 files in the entire theme.

It’ll do :)

19:02 Mon 16 Jul 2018

Donald does Vladimir

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One day I hope someone will be immortalised in Wikipedia for assassinating the complete fucking drool baby that is apparently in charge of that thing called the USA.

Warhol mentioned 15 minutes of fame.

This fame would be forever.

What do Nike say?

Just do it

18:31 Mon 9 Jul 2018


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Posts about people being people very rarely move me.

Posts about pets though? Very different.

On death

13:32 Mon 11 Jun 2018

This Carers Week, Let’s Give Carers The Paid Time Off They Deserve

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This would be nice. It’ll never happen though.

21:24 Fri 1 Jun 2018

Neighbourly by Google

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Get fucked you data hoarding, data abusing, privacy invading, GDPR illegal bastards.


14:25 Thu 24 May 2018

This GDPR junk

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This is what I am doing.

1. There is no cookie banner/widget
Why? Because this site does not set a cookie unless you comment. You can read every post, every comment and no cookie will be set. Nothing.

2. Tracking
I track nothing. I use no stats plugin, I have switched off the Jetpack data collection.
There IS IP tracking at the server level but I have zero control over that. If it bugs you so much that your IP is stored then contact my host – – because I can’t help.

If you decide to leave a comment there is a checkbox. Read it. Decide what you want to do.

4. Comment removal
See the all-new super-shiny Privacy Policy page. Look up for the link.

5. Data processing
I don’t do it. WordPress plonks your comment data into the database. If – and only if – someone looks at the post then your comment is fetched and displayed.
It is not processed.
I’m sure a lawyer could argue otherwise but I don’t give a crap.

I don’t hold a gun to your head and make you enter information here.
I don’t try at all to find out any more about you.
I will delete what you ask.

That’s it. That’s the full extent of my complying.

21:46 Tue 15 May 2018


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On May 24 this site will disappear.

The database will be dropped.

Every domain I own will 404.

Can’t afford the risk.



And if my reasons are wrong please explain why.

Life sucks.

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When you think life has thrown enough shit at you and then one call makes it a whole lot worse. And you have no way to help or to fix.

22:14 Fri 11 May 2018

Jodie Weston. Bitch.

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That is all.

Zuckerberg. Data thief.

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Ads again. He’s one slimy mofo.

I have ‘uninstalled’ the facebook app from my phone.

I then searched for and disabled the remaining facebook processes (there were 4).

That was several days ago.

On my Windows machine – which has NEVER logged into facebook – I logged into Amazon and bought a fan. And when using Menutab on my Mac I open facebook what do I see?

An advert for the same fan I bought.

Mark Zuckerberg is a total slimy lowlife scum sucking lying mother fuckering bastard.

May 25.

That’s the date.



The world would be a better place without him.

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