Big Brother – Amanda and Sam

Big Brother … first impressions.
I would have more first impressions if it wasn’t for the squealing idiots who got in there first.
The producers must have thought they struck gold when they went out to find the stereotypical dumb blondes because these two are .. well…. as dumb as you get it seems. Amanda and Sam just squealed and squealed. William Hill already have them as 20/1 to win and that’s the longest current odds. Airheads? There’s no room for air – it’s full of lead.

Is there a single redeeming feature in these girls?
I think not.
Heaven help the other women.

Russell Brand’s TC show does badly. Shame.

Article on the BBC about his new show opening badly

It was beaten by almost all its main multi-channel rivals
Why is this a surprise?

The programme had been heavily-trailed on both TV and with a poster campaign.
Positively sickening it was.

Brand had been on the crest of a wave after successfully presenting part of the Big Brother coverage.
‘successfully’ ? Bollocks.

He received glowing good reviews for his stand-up comedy show
As in “Excellent – this crap isn’t on the TV!”

…was voted most stylish man by men’s magazine GQ.
Like people will tune in to see him because of that?

Russell Brand is one of the most exciting talents on British TV
Even bigger bollocks. The guy is a grade A twat. What he needs is a good slapping.

Big Brother. Nikki

The entry here where I said she should be shot is #1 (Nikki. Big Brother) or #3 (Big Brother. Nikki) on Google which explains the recent number of visits. Not having seen much of the show due to it being full of muppets tonight I watched the bit where she was told she was leaving and then her interview. J and P said she was a wonderful person. And a very very funny person too. Hmm…
I’m not convinced she is the full ticket. There’s nothing wrong with that of course and I’m sure she’s a nice person (when warm, rested and calm) but some of the antics….. if they were for real – and they sure as hell looked it – then it’s just another nail in the coffin of BB surely? Anyone remember the first BB that Craig ‘the incredible sleeping man’ won? It was a gameshow to them. It was fun, interesting and challenging (because they had real challenges – the unicycle, the 100 faces) but now the producers seem to be wanting to challenge Fraggle Rock for… uniqueness.

Why pick someone you know will throw tantrums, then poke them and prod them to have those tantrums and then try to defend the show and it’s values? It’s less about the human condition than voyeurism of the worst kind.

There was something she said though while lying by the pool. It was like “I was born to have money, I just don’t have any”. I hope she gets more than her fair share from the media :)

Govt vs Big Brother

This from The Independent

The Government’s Chief Whip has launched a petition calling on George Galloway to leave the reality show Celebrity Big Brother and return to the job of representing his constituents………..
“We call on him to represent and respect his constituents, not further his own ego, as he is by remaining totally out of touch in the Big Brother house.”

This is, I suspect, what others might say

The Government’s Chief Whip has launched a petition calling on Tony Blair to leave the rest of the World alone and return to the job of representing the people who elected him………..
“We call on him to represent and respect his constituents, not further his own ego, as he is by remaining totally out of touch in the Big Bush House.”

Politicians. Shy. Modest.

This is hilarious:

A petition accusing MP George Galloway of egotism for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house is being launched by a Cabinet minister.

MP’s enter parliament because they think they can change the world (starting with the UK) (unless your name is Mr T.Blair in which case you try to sort the world out (and fail) before coming back to the UK) so if that isn’t a case of ego then I’m a pink banana.
Politics is ego ego ego – it’s all about lying and trying to get away with it for long enough. It’s all about ‘show’ and ‘performance’ and ‘bluster’ ‘hot air’ and in many cases bare-faced cheek.

Accusing George Galloway of having an ego is like telling me I’ve got an ego too – we all have.
He’s playing a game.
He’s bringing the lie to people who think MP’s are ‘special’
He’s got the balls to do it.