BBC knuckle draggers

Meanwhile, the BBC declined to give a figure on the number of complaints it has received about Top Gear being pulled from the schedules due to the ongoing investigation.

And yet the BBC are all too keen to say at other times that they answer to the TV Tax license payers when someone says anything that offends even a single person.

The BBC are a joke.

It’s Comic Relief night.
Want to raise millions?
Get people to send a quid for Clarkson to come back.

Huw Edwards

The Olympics ceremony could have been so much better if there had been not a single word from anyone and if it hadn’t ended up with a Beatles track from decades ago, especially after introducing millions to the greatness that is Dark Side of the Moon. Still, at least it’s done. TFFT.

Another really stupid BBC reporter

So Jack Osbourne has a diagnosis of MS and BBC reporters are now instant experts. Says one “With enough courage, determination and support life can go on as normal”.

It’s got nothing to do with ‘courage’ or ‘determination’. It’s a degenerative disease and ‘support’ cannot stop your system decaying.

Dominic Hughes you should be ashamed of yourself.

Scummy BBC

“The recordings end up on Haniver’s website” – but that website is not worthy of a link from the oh-so-mighty BBC. Neither is “Another website, Fat, Ugly or Slutty“. I’m sure the BBC want links in but they are so stupidly precious about links out. How stupid are they? They link to twitter accounts but not to established sites. If the BBC can be so dismissive toward other site content then why should anyone behave decently to the BBC?

Not in the Kitchen Anymore. Chronicles of a female gamer.

Fat, Ugly or Slutty

390 seconds

In the 1990s, they worked out one Venusian day – the time for the planet to spin round once – lasted 243.018 Earth days.

But now, the European Space Agency’s Venus Express orbiter shows Venus’ spin is getting even slower and a day on Venus is now six and a half minutes longer.

Scientists aren’t sure why.
CBBC Newsround

It doesn’t matter. There are far more pressing things to be looking this. Scientists – and indeed the people that fund these things – should be looking at humanity now and doing what they can now because the now is far far more important.

You’d stop a kid daydreaming and tell them to get on with things wouldn’t you? So what makes these grownups special?