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19:14 Sun 19 Aug 2018

Jeff Bezos. FUCK YOU.

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Amazon customer since 2005.
Prime member for over a decade.

Yet you – yes YOU – you reap the rewards so you get the fucking blame – decide to randomly delete tracks from my disabled wife’s playlists. I have to recreate.

Top tip Jeff – when you can’t fucking move at all shit matters.

And when I try to create them again? Alexa says NO.

Alexa, play Don’t You Want Me by the Human League

OK… track plays

Alexa what is playing?

I get told full information

Alexa add this to my playlist

“I do not know what is playing”



Get a fucking grip and don’t fuck with people.

Not a hard request.

15:26 Tue 16 Jan 2018

Amazon Alexa and the Bravia XE80

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Short version – the Sony Bravia XE80 does not work with Alexa.

My wife is forever going to remain bed-bound (3+ years and counting) and recently I'd noticed that she is having increasing difficulty manipulating both her iphone and TV remote controls. She obviously cannot affect any part of the wider environment. Voice control has to be the answer.

I bought an Amazon Echo, a Dot and a couple of smart plugs (TP-Link). So now she can turn lights on/off, call me using the Echo and play Music. All good and she's as happy as a clam about these improvements.

Apart from the Echo playing music the TV is her only other source of entertainment so that was the next target. The Sony Bravia XE80 sells itself as Alexa enabled. The price was okay, reviews seemed okay so I ordered one. And I just wasted an entire morning finding out how bad that model actually is.

Got everything setup, updated when prompted, installed the Alexa app on the TV itself and the Sony skill on Alexa. The app has a List of Things to try, so I started going through them. Alexa would turn the TV on/off. It would change the volume sometimes. It would obey 'next channel'. And that's it. No other commands would work.
Tell it to switch to HDMI 4? No
Tell it to change to channel 5? No
Tell it to pause? No
Tell it to change to BBC 1? "Command not supported by device TV". All attempts at changing channels failed unless I said "Next channel".
So this terrible Alexa enabled device was already proving unsuitable.

Youview. Jacqui uses Youview (we have a Youview box) constantly. It's her goto TV guide, she records what she wants and the UI is familiar. The Sony Bravia XE80 cannot record Youview. The only way to get this TV to record is to disable Youview completely and then add an extra HDD to the TV. This would mean Jacqui having to learn not just whatever UI was then presented but also would need to learn how to use the new tv remote. I'm not disabled but the navigation arrows being inside another ring of buttons meant it would be totally unsuitable. So that's another Bad Thing about this TV.

Speed. The TV Ui as a whole is so so slow. It took minutes to boot. Pressing a key to switch channels brought a delay of a few seconds.

It is now factory reset and back in it's box awaiting a return to Amazon.

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