VaultPress is now backing up this site because no matter what you just can’t have enough backups. I’ve also got VaultPress working on Helen‘s site and a caching plugin too as her alleged killer goes on trial in January and I expect increased traffic. (I can’t move the hosting as I have no access to the registrar (and neither does anyone else) so I’m hoping that caching + being able to pay up front for extra GB of bandwidth will keep her site up).

Anyone else use ZeroBin? It’s now PrivateBin. Upgrade.

Brewdog Punk IPA is a very fine brew indeed.

Hoping to make an appt in Feb for some more tattoo ink to be needled into my skin. More left arm or somewhere / something new …. ponderings to be had.

I have hair. Not been cut in over 5 months now. And it’s all grey. Life does that, but so does dye :)

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