Fitbit Charge: Returned

I bought and really liked a Fitbit One many moons ago. I liked the fact it showed me the steps and stairs I had walked but disliked the number of times I lost it. It was awkward to record sleep, it fell off some trousers and not others and days could go by when it was somewhere in the house but I could not find it.
Then I got a Fitbit Flex. I can wear it 24/7, the silent alarm is great as is wearing it in the shower. I do not lose it. The only downside is that it does not show me the number of stairs I had climbed or the steps I have walked – I double tap it and the 5 led lights show me in increments of 2000 how far I have gone. Right now as I type a double tap lights 3 leds light solid and one flashes. According to the iOS app I have made 7,349 steps – but it could be 6,001 or 7,998. That’s the one part I don’t like – the vagueness. So when the Fitbit Charge was announced I was happy and when Amazon did 25% off on NYE I was happier – I bought.
Here was a watch, it did steps, stairs, silent alarm, monitored sleep with no effort. The trade off was taking it off for a shower. I could live with that.

If you were a teen in the 70’s you will remember LED watches.
buttons These were very cool to have. Even while still oozing the cool for having one though it became obvious that the only way to tell the time with one was to have 2 free hands. If you could not press the button on the side then the display would not light to show you the time. Not a huge deal but if you are carrying something with your right hand, or walking the dog, holding a beer, typing or one of many other tasks then you could not press the button so could not know the time. That’s is a problem with the Fitbit Charge.

To display the time you tap (or double tap) or press the button on the side. This rapidly becomes not convenient.
Added to that the Charge decided to randomly change the time by several hours. Syncing would solve this but then sometimes the display would not light up. The only way to get it to behave was remove it, sync and put it back on. Then it would not display Stairs climbed whereas the One did (the stairs in my house have not changed).

Those LED watches were pretty solid. The Charge felt a little less, especially the button on the side. I know there are lemons in every product and that forums are never filled with people happy with what they bought but the confusing messages about water resistance, the changing time, the lack of display when tapped, the button doing nothing … nope. That’s too much going bad for me. At that point I was happy to have bought from Amazon – I sent it back yesterday and the refund is being credited.

So I’m back with the Flex and while it does not show me numbers at least it works.

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