Coffee again

When I switched from Instant coffee to the capsule Dolce Gusto I was impressed with the capsule stuff. Tastes so much nicer than Instant. But I’ve been using the Aeropress for a while now and last week had the same capsule coffee I used to have. It tasted really flat. Bland almost.

Years ago someone showed me the difference between whiskies. 3 glasses. A generic whisky in one, a blended malt and a single malt in the others. The tastes were markedly different. The generic was just falling down water you’d mix with anything to help it’s passage while the single malt was to be sipped and savoured. It feels like I’ve just had the same experience with freshly ground aeropress and capsule.

I’ve been using this hand grinder as it was cheap. I can grind 4 cups worth of beans by the time the kettle boils and although I’m not so precise each time to get exactly the same the results have never been less than really great coffee. Pondering getting an electric burr grinder. A plus is that it’ll be quicker to grind. A minus is that I might drink even more coffee.. and as I typically have a 4 expresso mug full of the stuff more might not be a great idea.

(but then I drank such a mug less than an hour ago and my pulse as I sit here is only 68 so it’s not that bad)

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