Just completed my first week of having only Aeropressed coffee with beans I grind (burr not blade) as I wait for the kettle to boil. One 250g bag of beans lasted me the week – 2 scoops of beans for one coffee. The aeropress has numbers 1-4 on the side which I assume is meant to indicate the number of cups? I fill it completely and it makes less than 1 mug. But it’s very smooth coffee indeed and even though I’m not precise in my actions each time I have been very pleased with each mug.

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  1. They will be espresso measures, approximately 60ml each (presuming doubles) so 4 of those will give you just under an average mugful as you’ve proven. You must like your coffee strong! I think most people would top up with hot water for an Americano style drink, but I guess this depends on the type of beans and their roast – it might not be necessary.

    1. Quadruple espresso? Sounds about right :) And I can’t abide weak coffee (or tea). But I only have maybe 2 or 3 of them a day so that’s not too bad. The rest of the fizzy caffeine keeps me going :)

      I got a 5 pack of assorted beans from ‘Yorkshire something place’ which when I get round to remembering to bring them upstairs I’ll get the names. The first bag was Ethiopian coffee which was very nice. This new bag is different. Not decided if I like it as much yet (only on the 2nd mug).

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