Pocket gone.

I used and liked Instapaper. But then along came ReadItLater which changed to Pocket. Not sure why but I switched. All I needed to do when on an article was click a little icon in the address bar and the article would be saved to Pocket. Very nice. After setting it up and testing it I moved some articles over and have used it for ages. I noticed a while ago that the feed of what I am saving there was not being updated but failed completely to check just why.

When I quit Firefox it deletes all history, cookies, cache – the lot. Partly that’s to avoid tracking and partly because I find it keeps Firefox quick. What I did not realise though was that when I logged in to Pocket using the extension it was using a cookie placed in among all the others. What did I expect to happen? To be prompted to login when trying to save an article. That way I’d know that clicking that icon was pointless . Which it has been for ages now. Pocket has been deceiving me.

So Pocket is gone. Instapaper is gone. Everything is being dropped into Pinboard. It works.

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