Not a good day

3 problems:

1. The knee pain appears to be the Lateral Collateral Ligament. So following advice it now has a Deep Heat patch on it (which is kept in place with a footless sock), I’ve taken diclofenac and painkillers and a GP appt made for next Wednesday (the earliest) just in case.

2. Headache. The ever-present pain with the added bonus of post-migraine hangover

3. It’s Friday so RSI pain in the right wrist. I always have a painful hand/wrist on Fridays.

Not a lot of fun. The knee rules out biking, the wrist rules out most games. And the bike thing is really annoying. This would have been week 6 of doing 100 miles a week but I managed only 69. I could go out and crack it but that’s nuts to do when I would just make the injury worse.

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