Getting the finger

In what should be a surprising result but, sadly, isn’t, one-third of your fellow Americans say a body cavity search to board an airplane would be fine and dandy.


If I am told that I need a cavity search before boarding a plane then I will not board that plane. I wouldn’t care who is paying, what hassle it would cause, it just wouldn’t happen. “No thanks, I’ve decided not to go”.

Edit: I just realised something. If I have to change airlines at any point in the USA on a flight to or from something Automattic related (because there is no other reason I would ever go there), then I’ll be totally … fucked. If they won’t let me fly on without a search then they would hardly let me fly back. I’d have no knowledge of what ‘rights’ an alien would have (because I’d surely be classed as one), no idea of who to phone. Looks like from now the only advice to anyone must be to fly direct, non-stop. How can you advise otherwise?

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