Theme change

This is Able which should be out soon from Automattic. In it’s current version I had to make a change though.
In the post meta it has ‘by Mark’ on each post – well it actually has ‘by «author»’ but you know what I mean. I have no idea how to make a child theme and really don’t want to have to learn – so I removed some code instead.

Line 129
Change this:

function able_posted_on() {
	printf( __( 'Posted on ', 'able' ),

to this:

function able_posted_on() {
	printf( __( 'Posted on ', 'able' ),

noting this here because I’ll upgrade, over-write the change and need to find it.
“Ah!” says someone, “if you make it a child theme you’ll not have to edit the code”.
My reply would be in two parts:
1. “Do you want the author name shown on any post at all ever in this theme? Yes/No.” It should be an option
2. I really have no idea how to write a child theme and I really have zero intention of ever doing so. I have a long ranting post about themes which I hope I don’t ever publish but if I did you’d see my point.

Anyway, this change being done makes this into a fantastic theme, best one out by miles. Much kudos to Philip Arthur Moore for creating it.

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