The upgrade – what I forgot

I always do a Clean install and sometimes I forget stuff.
All my Chrome bookmarks. This matters because I ‘work’ in Chrome and use Firefox for everything else. So I lost every single work related bookmark. Some matter less, some matter more as they were custom searches.
A recent Voodoopad document I had started. This too was full of work information but it had been pulled from sources I still have so it’s not a complete loss. I had not got round to dropboxing it.
Notational Velocity data. I thought it was dropboxed.
My Sublime Text 2 User settings.
The Hit List database so I lost my list of what I do daily. I thought it was dropboxed.
I did not take a screenshot of the menubar which would have been useful. Nor did I take a screenshot of System Preferences which would also have been handy. I did however take screenshots of the Applications directory.
The above are now all dropboxed.

But it’s only data.

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