30k scrobble

I just got my 30,000th track scrobbled at last.fm. I realised it was coming so I chose an appropriate track. This is as on-topic as it gets: Where is my Mind by Maxence Cyrin.

The tracklisting has swung heavily into mash-up so if you want some (genuinely!) free music:
http://www.mashup-germany.com/alben/. 1.42gb of free
Super Mash Bros. 3 albums
The Hood Internet. Many albums and mixes
The White Panda. 3 albums + mixes
Speaky. 3 albums + mixes
DJ Earworm. Mixes
e-603. 2 albums
Milkman. 3 albums, 1 EP, singles
Girl Talk – All Day 71 fantastic minutes

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