Swearing. Big and clever.

The Daily Mail are highlighting the fact that some sensitive souls are being offended by some language in Top Gear. Apparently b******s, t****r are not only offensive on the TV that even the DM won’t stoop so low as to print bollocks and tosser. (tosser? Since when has that been a swear word?)

The popular BBC2 show is broadcast at 8pm – an hour before the watershed – and is now widely regarded as family entertainment rather than a car show for ‘lads’.

So change your opinion then. Not like it’s on Sunday at 6pm or BBC1 at 7 is it?

A report into children’s viewing habits also suggests that they often ‘bore little relation’ to the timing of the watershed – with more than half of 11 to 15-year-olds watching until 10pm or later.

Blame the parents not the TV.

Most of the bad language related to a sketch in the show. In another segment, the F-word had to be bleeped out seven times in five minutes, while the word s*** was censored so badly it was clear what was being said.

So it’s not even the whole show? ffs. (Oops, nearly did a DM there. For Fuck’s Sake I meant) And if you don’t know what TG is like having watched it over the years then you must be watching something very different to everyone else. This didn’t appear from nowhere did it?

What might, just might, be something to complain about is when Jeremy says “I found this on the internet” and the camera cuts well away while everyone laughs. I would like to see that but the prudes always seem to win.

Typical outrage nonsense from the ever-so-righteous Daily Mail. Idiots.

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